Free cover art requests! [CLOSED]

Edens Cover shop:
Hi peoples! I’m taking cover requests, so if you need a cover done I will make it for youuu. These are completely free, and I take any style of art from like limelight, ink, and classic. Enjoy!

-Do not claim the covers as your own
-Be nice please, otherwise I can’t make your cover sorryyy
-Please tell me if there is anything specific


Hello! I am not personally interested (since I do not have a story) but would you mind putting up some examples? Thank you! :grin:

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Hey, I dont have any examples…
It’s my first time making covers! So…woohoo!

Hey I was wondering if you could draw a cover for me.


Could you please make the characters look and pose like this.


This is by decembermaria20 but could you please make it in this style

Hi! Of course, thank you for considering me (even though I have no examples), would you like a large cover, small, or both?

Both please and i was wondering if you could give me an estimated time of how long it will take

A week at the most, if you need it sooner I can do that!

no thats ok

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Hey! Do you want your book title to be on the cover? If so please give details

no thankyou

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Hey i was just wondering how long till my drawing is complete

Hey! I’m super sorry I just got back to school so I’m a little busy, so I would say 5 days at max. I understand though if you want to cancel, since you might want it earlier.

no that is ok

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Hey I am sorry to keep asking but how much longer on my cover just because I will still need to get it approved and I am nearly ready to publish my first few chapters and I do not have any covers to use for now

Hi I’m super sorry Pheobe but I don’t have any time at the moment so I can’t do your cover. I know this is super bad and I promised I would do it and I have a base and everything but I can’t get it done now. I recommend just asking someone else. Sorry again.

Its ok

Are you still doing covers?

Sorry, no. I’m not doing covers at the moment.