Free Cover Art/Splashes/Intros and Outros *CLOSED*

I’m not a professional but I’ll do any sort of episode art free! Here are my rules:

  1. Credit me @epy.renae
  2. You don’t have to use my art in your story if you don’t like it but don’t pretend it’s yours
  3. Feel free to ask for changes if you don’t like the end result
  4. Answer the questions below

** Cover? Small/large/both?**
** Splash? Background?**
** Intro/Outro?**
Story description?
Your vision of your cover/splash?
Any characters? (Male or female)?
All character details?
Any additional information?
Here’s a cover I made from a while back (like I said I’m not an expert) :



@Sophbee made my beautiful profile picture. She does amazing episode art.


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I LOVE your cover that you did! AMAZING!

Tysm it’s from a while back though :sweat_smile:

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Forget it

Hi Vanessa.H,
I’m looking for someone who will make cover art for my story I’m trying to write.

I’m sorry I’ve been very busy for a while. If you’re still interested I can make you a cover if you answer the questions above


Theme: Drama

Gender: Female

Skin tone: Honey

Hair: Straight

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Upturned Luxe

Eye color: White

Eyebrows: Medium Soft Arch

Nose: Elven

Face shape: Oval

Mouth: Full Round

Mouth color: Rosewood

Story Title: Darkness

Author: Halley


Pose Arms crossed

Small Cover

Background Can you just find something black?

Outfit image

Ok I should have this done sometime tomorrow x

Also can you give me a small description of your story so I can get the overall vibe of it

Sorry I didn’t see you message sooner sure well I just really want everything thing to be dark

Ok I have a few more requests to catch up on and some studying so sorry if I don’t completely finish yours today but I’ll make a start x

Okay thank’s it’s fine take as long as you want no rush.

I’m not too proud of this splash so feel free to send it back if there’s anything you want me to change

Awesome! Can you just put the name Darkness on it?



I’m really sorry the hairs such a mess

Oh no i think it looks so nice!