Free Cover Art/Splashes/Intros and Outros *CLOSED*


Here are your finished covers tell em if there are any other mistakes I’ve missed :joy:x

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No there perfect thank you


Can I pm you


Can you please fix this? You can add everything you want and make any animation . We need a cover for our story with this characters in it…Thank you so much :slight_smile: Be sure that we will credit you on insta and in episode. Our story called : Dangerous Duo btw if you want to add any text. Thank you so much.




Sorry I’ve been away :sweat_smile:


It should be ready Sunday or Monday x

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Thats perfect thank you so much! :smile:


It will be ready today- nearly done x

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Send it back if you want something changed and credit me @epy.renae xx

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Its perfect!! but there is a little problem. That the girl in the back has to swich places with the girl in the front. We understand it takes a lot of time. So you can take as long as you want!! xx

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Ok I’m away for a while so I’m not sure when this will be ready sorry for the mistake x

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It’s fine don’t worry. We will wait :blush: xx


Ok I do requests on my thread x


Hi, I love how your edits look, do you think you have time to make me some art? :blush:


Hello, I need a cover for my new story, if that’s ok.

The hard way



The story is about kids (Jason & Ivy) who were born in the bad, abusive family, the episode tells the story of a sister and a brother who escaped their home one day and ran away together because of their parents. Jason took good care of his sister, since he was older, but one day he secretely joined a gang as he wanted to provide for his little sis. Through the story you can see how Ivy changes from a frightened little girl to a beatuful but shy and closed off young lady etc,


It is not necessary that the cover is exactly the same as written here, I would like to see your ideas.
For small: Sad Jason (maybe with eyes closed) holding Ivy in his embrace, while Ivy is facing front (like she’s looking at us), with the sad face, and tears (one or more) running down her face. The background could be some brick wall or something associated with bad neighborhood. Also I’d like the name of the story to be on the cover, with some grunge font.

For large: Ivy is placed in the center (idle_terrified), and she’s surrounded, from the left there’ll be her mother(angry frustrated), from the right her father(angry talking)


skintone: toffee
brows: thin arch
hair: generic short, cayenne
eyes: stoic almond, green
face shape: defined triangle
nose: roman
lips: uneven, taupe

skintone: caramel
brows: seductive arch
hair: straight, auburn
eyes: round bold, green
face shape: oval
nose: elven
lips: blossom lips, ruby red

Heather (mom):
skintone: tan
brows: medium soft arch
hair: pixie, auburn
eyes: slender classic, brown
face shape: soft heart
nose: pointed
lips: classic slender, terracotta

Sam (dad):
skintone: toffee
brows: medium sharp
hair: buzzed hair, cayenne
eyes: classic almond, green
face shape: chiseled square
nose: broad
lips: uneven, terracotta

on the small: The hard way
on the large: quote - Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go
Any additional information?
I know this will take time to create, so I’m not asking to do it as fast as possible, it’s ok


Hi your creations are amazing and if you kindly would please make one for me that’d be greatly appreciated
Title: Delinquent High
Story description: basically she behaves bad and is sent to a school for delinquents but instead of helping her it makes her worse and there’s parties, love, drama, ect ect
Theme: Romance and drama
Cover Vision: I would like my girl to be the center of attention looking sassy/badas and then to her side/ little behind her are two dudes checking her out.
female: tan, beach wave black hair, full round black lips, and bright blue upturned feline eyes
**Outfits- any outfit that shows some skin and looks gothish- if you want me to choose one then just HMU
please put the words “Delinquent High” somewhere on there
if you would like me to be more specific on anything then please ask
but i trust you’ll make a great cover. i’m not supper picky


Could you create a cover for me?
You’re cover is amazing!!!


Hi I was wondering if you could make me an edit that said “Turn your volume up”
The characters details are
Boy:Hair:Long Bangs (charcoal)

Eyebrows:Thin Arch

Eyes:Stotic Almond (white)

Face:Defined Triangle


Lips:Uneven (Toffee)


Cool Leather Jacket

Tank Top:Black

Ripped Punk pants

Red utility boot

And if you could headphones to him?


That’s all take your time of course!