Free Cover Art!

Hey there!
Here you can request for overlays, character cards, cover art, text overlays, splashes and custom poses. Everything is edited! If you need to tell me something extra please do!

Cover art


Open book

character cards

custom poses

When you request, make sure to give me all the details;

Cover art details
  • How many characters are there present?
  • Character details
  • Poses
  • Title of the story + font + color
  • Small and/or large cover?
  • Background
  • Author
  • genre
Overlay details

What overlay(s) you want.

Character card and splashes details
  • Character details
  • background
  • Font + color
  • pose
custom poses
  • character details
  • outfit
  • an image of the pose (if you don’t have one please describe it as good as possible.)
Completed art


could you and I pm on here? I would love for you do to my cover!!!

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Of course! :heart_eyes:


Hii @Hanniebunny I am a new creator for the episode can you please make a large cover for episode. I would really appreciate


Of course! Pm me the details. :heart:

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SHould I dm you on your instagram

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OR YOU can do it. @Diami.ttal_writes

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I did’nt get your meassage.

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Hmm :thinking:
Maybe try to dm me, hanne_episode


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I’m also not getting your message. :thinking:

'Sorry my phone got dead .I’ll dm you in a sec.

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hey I write my first story can you make a cover for me if you are not busy of course

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can you make a cover for me ?

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Hello, I was wondering if you can do a cover for me?

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Hi could you do an art cover for me please

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Heyy of course I can! Send me the deets and I’ll start on it saterday! :two_hearts:

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Of course send me the deets!