Free Cover Art!:)

Hello! Does anyone want free cover art? All I need is:

Characters or Art (pictures you want to use! - ( I can’t screenshot the characters myself due to quality loss!):
Author Name:
Extra Details:

I don’t have any current examples completed but I started on this one earlier.


It looks beautiful, but I would say that you shouldn’t call it an art if it is not an art you drew.
More people will be interested if you make drawn arts and can put up a few examples of the completed work.
I’m not in need of any as for now.
But might request if I need in future.
Keep up the good work.

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Sadly I don’t know how to draw lol- just design stuff. I can only really help with making the cover + adding art to it

I will put up completed examples though if I get any requests!

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Yes, that’s what I meant and that people might get confused because of it.

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