Free cover contest

Hello sunshines!:sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sparkles::nerd_face:
So this is the story: I decided to do an art for fun because I enjoy drawing ect and my friends thought it was good while I thought it was very amateur and bad . Whatsoever my friends made me feel very good with their compliments so I decided to make one free cover just for fun and to try myself.
To enter this let’s call it “contest” just post your story and other details. And a sum up of the story or just how you want the cover to look like.

Write only if you’re going to use my cover.
(I really don’t want to waste time for a cover that won’t be used.)
Thank you, thank you.
Only one will be choosed but if I’m not lazy (unlikely to happen) I will choose two or even three.

We will chat about details with messages but first I have to choose one story.


Can I enter?

I have created one picture do you want it?

what is the title you want?

Sorry, I misunderstood.