Free cover desperately needed

I really need help with a drawn cover art for my story
I really do promise to credit all through but I dont have money rn Im looking for someone that could help me out for free :blob_hearts:

I do have my own art shop (link in bio) but I wonโ€™t be reopening until next month but I could add you to the waitlist.
But if you need it before then you can check out these art shops! They have amazing editors and theyโ€™ll be able to help you xx Make sure to abide by their rules when requesting! :smiling_face: :heart:

If you are looking for drawn art,

@OCEANIA (Iโ€™m not sure if she does requests atm but you could ask her. Her art is really cute! :heart:)
@Gurmeet (She does both commission and free but also not sure if she does requests atm. Her art is really good as well :sparkles:)

Sorry if you donโ€™t want to be tagged!


Just a heads up, you might get more interest if you actually put some details in your post. Some people, myself included, randomly scroll the art page and take a few requests now and again if they catch their interest. Blank requests donโ€™t really have an appeal :joy:
Perhaps try a little info on your story, or the title, description, character images and a pose idea or generalised theme. More info the better! You could catch someoneโ€™s eye! :blush: