Free cover edit (Not original art, they are edits from free photos) [CLOSED]

Hey everyone, I am making free covers for whoever is interested. Below are my ongoing story covers and if anyone wants a cover like these send me a request along with model photos.


So I’m guessing you use prequel?


Your art is beautiful, will defo request for one next time!!

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I use picsart gold and photoshop … sometimes ibispaint if you are asking about the apps I use

omg!!! your art is :heart_eyes:
can i request for a cover

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Sure thing!!! :slight_smile:

Your artwork is Amazing,can I request for cover?

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do you make both drawn and edited art

Feel free :blush: :blush:

Just edited for now… I am not very good at drawing

Im new to forums so should I possibly send in my ideas through meassges?

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Yeah … :slight_smile:

Hm okay I’ll request


(Doesn’t have to be the exact pose. Just her with a bow, I’m leanient.

This is the character, I’d you could shorten her hair and darken her hair and lighten her eyes.

i wanted like a girl (i’m going to describe her later) to sit and meditate in the middle of a circle.
And while she is meditating, one of hers hands will be holding a mask on the half her face
and the mask will be gold or something. Do you think you can do it?
And by the way i’m gonna send some pictures of what i mean. The title of the story is “the girl with the mask”

it’s not working, i tried to take a screenshot and send it but it’s not working either

can i try to get back to you? Maybe in the next day if you could i dont know when the last thing im trying to get is the cover.

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Hiii your art is amazing can I request a cover?

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there it’s working
here’s the circle i was talking about

Owww but I didnt draw the covers I just edited them from another photos