Free cover needed!

If you would be willing to make me a free digital cover it would be highly appreciated. If you have any user’s I or other user’s can contact about free cover’s please comment them!

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Hey are you wanting a edited cover or a drawn one ?

Either would be great!

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Have you tried asking in art shops ?
If your ok with edited you can go to this shop. Let me get the link : Jpassen's Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open Only edited tho . If you want drawn then your best bet is to go on a shop and ask there

Will do ty

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i could try making you one. but i’m new here so i don’t have any examples of my works yet

Hey here’s a thread I found that you might want to check out. Her artwork is very nice and she’s looking for requests.
-Limited Requests so I can Practice <3

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thank you honey <3

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Oh I’d love that just try no need to stress :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have a character description thing if you want?

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yes, ofc. send me character deets and how you want the cover to look like and I’ll do my best :smile:

sorry ive just been busy ill do it now!

what type do you do? Digital or edit?

i do drawn covers

oh okay great ill give you character description of what the character looks like


I’m going to be cancelling your art piece since you decided to go elsewhere. For future notice let the artist know rather than ghosting them so we don’t waste our time.

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oh yeah about that I am making two stories, I thought of asking you but I thought you were already pre occupied. I didn’t mean it to seem that way I was just interested in asking for a different cover because I have 3 stories already in progress and another one finished but none have a cover. Sorry for the inconvenience.

sorry I haven’t been replying as quickly my laptop keeps crashing whenever I try to type on the forum which is causing a dilemma for me but ill send you the character sheet thing rn.

chestnut brown hair and eyebrows

Neutral tone 4 skin

Hazel eyes

This is what the character looks like she has chestnut brown hair and light brown eyes not hazel