Free cover request?

Hi, I was wondering if somebody could make me a cover for my story for free. I’ve been looking since February and everyone said I either have to pay, or their not doing them anymore. It would be much appreciated and I just want my story to look eye catching. Credit will be given obviously!
Thanks. :sparkling_heart:


I would but I have 8 requests. Do you have a date you need it by? I can see if I can do it. :+1:

I am going to try to do a lot of art today and tomorrow and get them done.

Hey i could try :sweat_smile: but i only do drawn and INK :sweat_smile::grin:
If you want, i can send you my Exemples :heart::hugs:
I am not the expert and it is my first time to do a cover for someone :sweat_smile:, but I would be very happy, if I could help you :heart:

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If you still need someone then let me know! I have lots of experience and if you’d like examples the i will pm them to you! :blush:


Hi that would be great if I could see your examples!


Yes I would love if you could send me your examples please!

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Not really a specific date, around the end of the week maybe? I get if your too busy though.

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sry for the bad quality :roll_eyes:

Hope you like it :slight_smile: if you don’t want me to do it, it is not bad :kissing_heart:, but please let me know :heart::heart:

Thank you! have a beautiful day dear :heart::hugs:

You can request here in my art shop :point_right: here


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