Free cover requests wanted

Hey! I can create covers for your story (large or small). Here’s the rules.

-Please credit me.
-Send me a screenshot of the characters and the background you want.
-Tell me what text you want on the cover.
-I cannot do drawings, as they take too long and don’t look very appealing.

That’s all, here’s a cover I made (don’t steal).


I’m not interested. But do you have any other samples?

Actually no, I deleted them all lol

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It okay. :blush:

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Do you do drawn covers?
Edit- oh never mind, I just read that you don’t do them.

No, as stated in my original post.

@Sydney_H can you delete/close this please?

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Not doing covers anymore?

I’m making a new thread lol

Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: