Free cover requesttt?

hey guys can someone make me a free cover for my story?? I’ll give credits but i would want to see previous work that you’ve done.


Hey @evinyzz! Hope you’re doing well :hugs::two_hearts:

You can check the following ones;

^ @Frey.251 is an amazing artist in this shop (as well and the other artists :hugs::two_hearts:), and she does drawn covers.

Now, if you are looking for edited covers (you haven’t mentioned if you want drawn or edited), you can check once again Jpassen & Catniss Art Shop, and as well and the following ones;

All of them are amazing :hugs::two_hearts:

Have a good day/evening/night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care, Christina <3

P.S. If I remember someone else, I’ll add him/her as well


thank you so muchh

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You’re welcome :hugs::two_hearts:

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