FREE cover & story edits for the first 7 requests only! *CLOSED*


thank you sooo much ill give credit :heart:


You’re welcome, It’s good to hear that!


Here’s your cover! Hopefully you like it
Don’t forget to credit me!


Hello dear. If you still want your edit you can ask now that i have finished them all


Ok yes please!


I will send the information now:)


So I want an edit of these girls doing these poses please!:

And put them in a club please! It doesn’t matter what order just make them dance in a club! Thank you!


Alright! I will try to finish as fast as possible. Thank you for your request


Thank you!


Here you go!
Don’t forget to credit me!
Note: I worked on my new edit (hair glow) for the first time on yours, hope you like it!


Hey so i was wondering what you used for your edit’s and stuff!


Oh my god it looks amazing!!! I just now saw it btw! What is you Instagram so I can credit you?


Maybe just type my Episode name: Kitty_s because i don’t have instagram :heart:


I will keep that as my little secret :wink:


JK i use pixlr editor