Free Covers and Backgrounds Here!

Hello Episode!

Need some cover art or a background? Here is THE
place to go! Simply ask me. I’ll make as any as you want. Just follow these guidelines!

Guide Lines:

1. Don’t be rude to me or other people on this thread. We’re trying to keep it PG and family-friendly. (Doesn’t mean your stories have to :wink:)
2. Don’t forget to give me credit! Even if I don’t put my name or my insta on the art, you still have to say it. (Epi Mobile User: Claire M. Epi Forums User: @FreakyEvilMargs )
3. Be patient! You might not always like what I give you. It might take longer than usual. Just remember, i’ll make as many as you want.

The Handy Dandy EXAMPLE:


May I please get a living room background with a nice (but not filthy rich looking) couch?

Sounds good.

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thank you

Tell me if you like THIS one:

If you like it, the name is INT. CLASSIC LIVING ROOM - DAY
(Man, it’s hard to finding one that isn’t filthy rich :wink:

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GLAd you liked it :wink:

HERE is another example, based on the first one.

Closing as you have another cover thread here :v:t2: