FREE Covers and Splashes Request Thread (INK & LL) OPEN

Hey Everyone,
I am starting a Cover and splash Thread so please request away!

(I can contour INK & LL characters if you would like.)

If you want your character/s in you cover or splash, send me the details, expressions, and outfit. You can also just screenshot the character.

Splash Request Form

  1. What type/s of splashes do you need?
  2. Background: Send the background you would like
    3, The text you may want in splashes.
  3. A detailed description of what you need.
  4. A short summary of your story.
  5. Contour?
  6. INK or LL.

Cover Request Form

  1. Name of the story and author.
  2. A description of your story.
  3. Background: The selected background you would like.
  4. A detailed description of what you need.
  5. Do you need both small or large cover?
  6. Contour?
  7. INK or LL.

Here are some of my examples below:




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The top one needs language and The bottom one is misspelled it should be soppy romance :grinning::grinning: thank you

It’s okay haha

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience here are the splashes


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It’s okay thank you so much

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@Milktoast could you change her hair colour to platinum blond and if you can get rid of the outline?

Sure It will be done later today

Hey, I’m sorry for the delay, here are your covers;



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can it try get it asap please

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Sure, I’ll start it now :blush:

@NICOLE94 Here is your Splash,
let me know if you want anything changed.

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Perfect thank you

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do u do art scenes??

No sorry, never tried.

I need a splash? If that’s okay.

I need a splash that says “Follow My Instagram” (my insta username is @nichesticks)

^ that is the background I want to use.
I want my main character to be on the screen (I don’t mind where) and the text to fit with it.
My story is about a girl who’s an assassin/secret agent. it’s a love story.
Yes. Can I please have contour.

Skin = Honey
Brow = Mature Round
Hair = Black, Beach Wave
Eyes = Upturned Luxe, Blue
Face = Soft Heart
Nose = Elven
Lips = Full Round, Scarlet

Can I also have a “This Story Contains Language and Mature Themes”
For this, can I have the same background as the other splash. And can my instagram and episode name (@nichesticks & jessRepisode ) please.

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What do you mean for the Mature themes splash?

@jessRepisode here is your first splash let me know if you would like anything changed.
I will finish your other splash once you give me the rest of the details needed.