Free Covers/Art scenes and commissions

I will be giving away free art scenes from edits so am practicing.
I also take commission
£20 1 person (half body)
£40 for 2 people (half body)
£25 for 1 person edit (full body)
£50 for 2 people (full body)
(£5 each additional person half body)
(£10 each additional person full body)

insta is- @chantelle.epyedit or you can pm me if interested.

examples below (some are WIPs and pose reference)
any free art I will make clear you can use.


This drawing is really good !
If you can, then please draw this for a story of a friend of mine :blush:


Also you can choose the pose or i’ll add it later



Thank you :revolving_hearts:

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Hey, your art is absolutely gorgeous! :star_struck:
I would like to request 2 things please, a pfp & art scene. If this is too much, please let me know. :two_hearts:

Open me

for the pfp

Can it be a transparent png please, so no background.
Character details


With a gold necklace

for the art scene

Transparent like the other one please
Character details

With gold necklace & black heels please

I don’t have a deadline btw & thank you so much for reading! :two_hearts:

I really liked ur work :heart_eyes::heart_decoration: You can try mine if u want…
I am in need of a cover… Its little complicated maybe idk… So u can give it a try <3



Pose- A red crescent moon on bg and the FL sitting on it like a queen while Ml standing beside her.

it’s so good
can u draw 3 characters? (half body)
Actaully I wanted a large cover
so… it would be great if you can…

I myself am an artist… but lets just say… I dont find my Art style suitable for what I want…

Please let me know, if you can draw three characters…
or maybe two?

hey! can i make a request?

Your art is lovely :heart_eyes:.
Can I request a pfp?

Character and outfit

Pose Reference in honor of Halloween

i’m not taking requests but if i feel motivated to do any of them i will but dont want to make any promises because that’s when I lack motivation!
I will be posting all artwork as I do them and if anyone feels it will fit there story then please feel free to claim


Hey ofc I understand that… But can u please pm me here, if u anyhow chose to do mine :innocent:

can i request i need art scene :sweat: @nylahlovesu1

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As she mentioned above, its not a request thread… But u can drop the details, she would do if she wanted to…maybe… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::gift_heart:

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true :blob_sun: i have read it i was asking make sure but Thanks you for telling me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but i soon dropped the detail ummm do she take it pm or here only

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We all have dropped here… Idk about pm… I think u should drop here :relaxed::gift_heart:

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I am working on this at the min if anyone thinks it will fit what they need :relieved:


woah :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: i love it that fire my lord @nylahlovesu1

it fit what i need :sweat: @nylahlovesu1 i lost with word

Its beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heartpulse: pose is awesome too… It could have suited mine but mine characters r vampires and their haircolor n skin tone is different than this one…

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Hey you’re art is REALLLY GOOOD tbh!
Im gonna just put the deets, if you feel inspired to do it, then pleasee! <3

Skin tone- Rose 03
Eyebrows- Arched natural (color- deep brown)
Hair- Long Feathered Bangs Blunt (golden brown)
Eyes- deepset downturned (emerald green)
Face- Diamond
Nose- Defined neutral
Lips- Full Heart Pouty (pink warm matte)

Skin tone- Rose 03
Eyebrow- Arched medium (dark brown)
Hair- Slicked back solid (deep brown)
Eyes- deepset downturned (blue green)
Face- chiseled angular
Lips- medium straight natural (beige rose)
Nose- Straight Pointed Wide


the boy fallen in the girl’s arms

thank you <3

Your examples are very very beautiful.
As this is not a request thread and anyone can use your example if they want. So i wanted to ask can i use the first one, it perfectly fits my story only the eye colour should be a little darker as she has deep blue eye colour.
So may i please use it ?

And as i already said that this is not a request thread. But i will drop my character deets so you can use it if you want.

hey i’m going to pick one request to do after i’ve finished by current one :relaxed:
i now also take commission