Free Covers/Art Scenes for you!

So I recently began digital painting (examples below) and I’ve really developed a liking for it. But it’s soooo time-consuming. With breaks in between it takes like 9 hours lmao. And I’ve recently realized that a lot of people need help with covers for their stories. Sooo, here I am!
What’s the catch?
Well, I’m glad you asked. In exchange for reading all 4 episodes of my story, (don’t worry the episodes are pretty short) I will help you out with a cover, profile pic, overlays, edit, art scene you name it!
Well, what do I have to do?
Fill out my google form
I submitted the form, now what do I do?
-If you follow me on instagram, you are more likely to be chosen!
-I will not be doing requests that haven’t filled out the form yet!!
-I am choosing six people to do art for.
How do you choose who wins?
-I will write everyone who has completed both stepson a piece of paper and adding it to a bucket.
-If you followed both steps AND follow me on instagram, your name will be entered into the raffle a second time. Following me on instagram is optional!!
You will be removed from the raffle if you spam me!
The names will be chosen on December 23, 2019.



-I’m a noobie so I’m not that skilled yet lol. But I shall practice!
Instagram: Episode.Vogue
Good luck you guysss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yo, can I send you the SS from your story to your Instagram? I’m red_episodiann (just followed you), and I’ll be reading the story in a sec.

You sure can!

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Are you still doing this??

Not reallyy but I have an updated one I kinda stopped doing. [OPEN] Blush Art Studio! ( Drawn Profiles, art scenes, covers, etc.)

I still do art though, I just took a break from forums