FREE COVERS, BACKGROUNDS and everything else you need


Everyone needs new cool backgrounds and covers, we offer them completely free. Follow our IG page: @epy_universe and send us your request.

Here are some backgrounds for you, from me.
No credits please!!



Some more…


Quick Question. Are these pictures you took or paintings?


Are they saved from your google drive for download?


These pics are found free from internet and were edited by me. And they’re not paintings. I don’t have them saved anywhere, only in my phone. You can click on every separate pic and download it. No credits to me please!

But you can get original backgrounds or covers (unique) if you send request to our Instagram page: @epy_universe. :heart:


Hi, I was wondering if you could make a cover art for me. Can you let me know if you can before I give you any details. By the way, I’m making this story in classic incase you needed to know that.


Hey. I’m really not making covers, don’t have time for that. But on our Instagram page @epy_universe Tas makes really good ones! Send a request there and contact in dm to ask her, when can it be done :heart:


Ok, thanks for your time I guess. I’ll try to dm @epy_universe.


@epy_universe You can find more right! Jones i didn’t know your name was Cora




All these are amazing oh my gosh.


These are amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I don’t have an IG. Is there another way I can contact you guys?


We have Facebook page: Episode Interactive Writer :wink:


Thank you! I just sent a message.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: