Free covers /edits

Hi can you maybe do a cover for me I don’t know whether you are still doing this but worth a try right? Anyway my story is called The Devil Queen.
My Character
Skin colour: Copper 00
Eyebrows: (black dark) Arched natural scar
Hair: (black dark) Wavy long
Eyes: female generic
Face shape: heart soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips(red deep gloss) full heart pouty
Top: Aiko Crop top neutral black
Skirt: Pleated straight waistband cotton grey black
Shoes: Heeled Laceup boots studs red cherry blush Leather rhinestone
Tattoo: skull and roses arm tattoo
Other: devil tail (black) and short devil horns (black)
It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it my story is in limelight and my name is The Queen of All
Hope you can make it if not it’s alright
Thanks bye x

hello, I’ve come across your work and I must say that it is really good. But I was wondering if your still taking requests? if u are is it possible if you can send me your email so I can send you the detail there?

Hi. I would love for you to do one of my covers! I just stared…so I’ll give you details
Title-vampire diaries
Info-There are 2 brothers and they are both good looking and there is a girl name Elena that they are both in love with but she chooses one of them. And the 2 brothers are vampires. (This is a Netflix series so you could look it up) and in the cover I will put that you made it

do u still do covers / edits @AlexVale1

Hi! I know I’m VERY late but I wanted to know if you still do requests. :pray:t3:

hi Alex I am in desperate need of a cover for my upcoming story lmk if u can help

Hello, can you please make me book cover?

Do you have ig?

Hi there! I was wondering if you still take requests :heart:

Hi, :grin:I would like a cover.
Cover type: large
Cover style: limelight
Author: Isabella
Title: Vengeance
Story description: Alexandra comes from a small country town, what will happen when she moves to NYC to pursue her dreams of being an actor and how are the mysterious incidents happening related to her past?

Skin tone: gold 03
Face shape: diamond
Nose: defined natural
Eyes: round medium, deep blue
Hair: Long wavy parted, platinum white
Eyebrows: arched thin, dark black
Lips:small heart, fair gold matte

Face shape: male generic
Nose: straight pointed
Eyebrows: arched medium, dark black
Hair: medium wavy messy, dark black
Lips: medium heart, beige gold matte
Skin tone: gold 03


Pose, Alexandra leaning against Charles they are looking straight ahead. Background, preferably a red carpet or just a blurry black background.

Alexandra really wants to become a actor, she starts to fall in love with her costar on the movie she is acting in, but mysterious incidents are happening, all centered around her and her past.


Are you sill open?Cuz I need a cover @AlexVale1

Hey, you’re art is really great and I would love it if you could do the front cover for my story (I can’t draw). My story plot is about a girl who is in a crime family and is forced to marry one of the biggest crime bosses in the world. I would like the background to be wedding themed and I will attach the looks and positions of the characters if you’re still doing these. If you are I would really appreciate it if you would do a cover for me.
Title: “Just Married”
Author: Lyra Rose

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hey!! if this is still active, would you mind making me a cover for a story im writing? its called Big Body, Little Heart. the character is fully customisable so having a more anonymous figure would be ideal if thats possible, but it is about a plus size girls struggles in romance :slight_smile: if you need any more info please do let me know! many thanks, Ruby

I’m not sure if you are still active but if you are, would you mind making me a book cover for a story called model to my rock star? it’s about a girl who becomes a model but has to share an apartment with a popular rock star. They hate each other at first but slowly fall in love. The main character’s name is storm and she has platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. The love interest’s name is Tyler and he has black hair (medium side curls) and blue eyes. If you need anymore information please let me know. Also this story is limelight :slightly_smiling_face: