Free covers requests (open)

Hey guys, I recently just started wroting a story and made it’s story cover and really enjoyed making it. Thus, I have decided that I would like to do it for writers.
Here’s the cover I made for my story *

If you want me to make a cover for you, you should fill out the following
° The characters on the cover, please send me the characters on instagram @sana.epy16.
° The characters should be doing what you want them to do on the cover.
°You can send the background if you want something specific but it isn’t necessary.
°A little description of the story would also be helpful.
°Lastly, send me any text you want on the cover or edit, such as the warning and music thingies.

You can request me here and I’d be happy to help.

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Do you do it for INK only??

No, I can do it for limelight as well.


Really oh yay😊