🖼 Free Covers, Splashes and More! 🎨

Hey, everyone! :wave: :heartpulse:

As it’s quarantine and most Episodians are starting to get back on track with their stories I’ve decided to use my free time and design some covers, title overlays, general overlays, the “this story uses music” thingies or splashes for you. Take into account that I’m not a digital artist, therefore I don’t draw. I’ll gladly help you with requests you might have. :blob_sun: :cat_typing:

What I need to know:

  • Character:
    1. Full body description- this includes body type (and body colour/tone), brow (and brow colour), hairstyle (and hair colour), eyes (and eye colour), face, nose and lips (and lip colour).

    2. Outfit- what clothes is he/she/them wearing?

    3. How many characters are they? (Maximum of 3)

    4. What’s your character doing? (smiling, taking a selfie, etc.)

If possible: Attach a photo of your character(s) so I can know what it looks like.

  • Background

    1. Do you have any specific background that you already like and want to use?
      –>If not let me know these things:

      a) What kind of background are you looking for?
      b) What type of scene is your background representing? (Romantic, Action, etc.)

For Covers:
I’ll need you to follow the previous requirements and tell me what do you want to include in your cover

  • Author’s name

  • Title

  • Size (in pixels)


  • I need to know the size of the overlay you’ll like ( in pixels)
    You can send me a photo of what you want to convert into an overlay (an object from any background or something else) OR you can also request for your overlay to be your own title!

If you ask for a specific overlay I’ll do my best and find one that’s royalty-free/public domain.

IMPORTANT: I don’t take responsibility if the image you attach has copyrights or you have to pay for it. You have to make sure that the image can be used/has public domain.

P.S.: If you request for any cover/splash/etc. you’ll NEED TO GIVE CREDIT TO @ashminna_writes
Please be patient, I’ll have your cover ready as soon as possible. :smile:


Do you still take commissions?

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Can I request a character card

Can I get two character cards plz?

Can you send some examples?

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Totally, what do you want me to include in it? and, can you give me the specifics for your character?

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Sure! I’ll just need you to describe your characters (specifics) and what you want me to include in each card.

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Um no need for that I already have what I needed thanks anyway


I was wondering if you still do commissions? I know I’m a little late but its worth asking!

Sure! Ahh, don’t worry about it… what can I help you with?

Id love it if I could get a story cover, if you’re up for it then I’ll give you a description of the character’s and my idea for what they’d be doing in said cover.

Yeah sure, I’m totally fine with taking your request.

Oh, great thank you! If you want we can talk about the cover on instagram, Mine is mj.epsd. You can dm me on there!

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hey, would you be able to make a cover out of this character pls?emotions- kaisha