Free covers, splashes, and overlay<3 (closed for the moment)

Hello!!! I’m Tori and I’m the author of the story Gale Gate! Though the title does say free you may only use the covers/art/splashes/overlays if u give me credit in your story and follow me on Instagram. Also I will only redo your cover 3 times, art 2 times, splashes 3 times, and overlays 5!:kissing_heart:


Some covers I’ve done!

Cover form:

  1. Name of story
  2. Brief description of story
  3. Send pictures of characters( in poses)
  4. Art or no art
  5. Detailed description of what you want
  6. Font for title

Some splashes I’ve done!

Splash form:

  1. What type
  2. What background
  3. What do you want it to say
  4. What font
  5. ( if characters send pictures in the pose u want them in)
  6. Brief description

Some overlays I’ve done!

Overlay order form:

  1. What type of overlay
  2. Brief description
  3. What your going to use it for

Hello @Tori1303 my Name is Vanessa love can you do a profile picture of limelight?

Yes of course just please fill out the cover form first!!! It’s it shown at the top and you just need to write it at the bottom😁

A profile? Do you mean for your forums and or instagram account? And did you want it it art? Please be more specific😁

Hi @Tori1303 yes I mean for my forums and Instagram accounts and yes I do want it in art.
Sorry for not being specific. Thank you.

Ok cool! So I just need a picture of the character you want to be made into art in the pose you want it in. Also if you want any tattoos or piercings just let me know. Sorry for such a late reply I’ve been very busy lately but now my schedule is more open so I should be able to get this done for you very soon!

okay thank you so much @Tori1303 I am sorry for the wait I send to you now

Here is a sample version of the art I made for u! Tell me if u like it and I’ll send u the one without “sample” on it

Also if you want a different background I can change that as well

Hey could I get a Instagram splash?

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Hiiiii Can I request a cover?

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Hey I really need an installatie splash could you make one for me!?
Background: I really need a bed background however that background needs to be blurred. I can’t do that right now because I need to go right now but is it possible for you to blurred it? If not then I Will try to do it

Insta name had to be Charlie Hendriks as it belongs to my MC I Will send the details of his character later :grinning:
What do you mean with font?
And discription? just make it simple like: welcome to my page I hope you have a nice Day!
Something like that

I Will send details later xx

Name: Hold Me Tight
Description: After her parents death, being abused and homeless. Nadia gives up on love, but two people come into her life that have taken a liking in her but she’s not ready for love, she only wants to find her parents who she believes is still alive while the 2 love interests are trying to win her over
Okay so I don’t know what I want it to look like so I figured I’d send picture references that it could maybe look like.

Picture References

Maybe you could make it look like one of these. If so, I will send the character details.

Thank you!

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I originally wanted small and large covers but someone has since done me a small and large,
I would love a intro and/or outro splash/s

Rose a 16yr old girl. Secrets and lies will be uncovered about herself and family.
What will happen when she learns the truth?

Art, please
Any font will be fine preferably cursive can’t remember the name.

Description of what I want

Intro or outro (you can do both if you want)- Alden Angry arms crossed, Rose arms around both Alden and Eric and Eric with an arm around Rose.

if you chose to do both I want the intro as above, outro maybe Alden and Eric giving Rose a kiss on the cheek either side of her.

Their details

Yes! Just fill out the splash form down here in the comments and I shall get it to u as soon as possible!

Did you want an art cover or just characters in poses? Also I’d love to try and make a cover as close to one in those stock photos as possible! Just please send pictures of the characters and I’ll try and get it done as soon as possible!


I’m not sure exactly what you mean but I blurred out for you😂

Hmm ok! Since it is art it will take a while to do… especially since I’m in school I am very busy and art takes hours at a time… but I’ll try to get it to you asap!

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What do you mean by Art cover or characters in poses?
The characters are:


NADIA is in the middle, DAMON is on the right and NOVA is on the left!