FREE Covers, Splashes, Watermarks, Overlays, and More!

Thank you

Omg no I love it could you make me some more if I give you my details

What the splash needed to say: tap slowly
Author name and whether to or not to include:Annie_stories (dont include )
(Optional: want your social media tag?) example- Instagram: abygail.bauman
(Optional: any characters? If so, give me a picture of the character(s) and what they’re wearing and what style- Limelight, INK, or Classic)

(Optional: specific animation(s) for character(s)) Can you just make it look lke there in love
Colors to use: white,black,pink,blue
Colors to avoid: non
(Optional: specific background?) example: glittery OR a specific Episode background OR a picture; any you pick
(Optional: specific overlays?) example: flowers, guns, etc
(Optional: anything else? List whatever you want to request!) can i have the boy covered in tattoos his eyebrow and lip pierced, can the girl have a flower on the left side of her stomach and a tattoo saying family on her arm, her nose and ears pierced

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Second please x

Omg thank you so much they are amazing xx

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I wanna request a watermark I just want like the letter o and like some hearts

Like very simple

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Is it done

Can i have a heel overlay?

lol like a shoe

Omg sooooo sorry I took so long to respond I am soo busy
And idc what color

Ahhh woohoo cute thanks so much love

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  • ARIANA include this
  • Oh brothers (Oh in heavy text, gray) (brothers in cursive text, blue)
  • Your going to your dream collage but nothing starts off smooth when you catch the eye of the golden boy and his not so famous brother who’ll fall in love with who?
  • Romance
  • Ink
  • Outfits as seen above
  • As seen above
  • I would like the girl to be standing a the front and the boys to be in the back the guy with the tattoos to the right and the guy without to the left
  • blue, silver, red
  • Green, brown, yellow
  • I want stars on the side with guy with tattoos and broken hearts on the other guys side
  • I want a night picture of the ocean
  • No textures
  • Both
    (If possible can they be edited to be more realistic like a special scene if not its fine just wondering.
    Thanks :heart::relaxed:

Hey, are you still doing my splash request? If not, I understand :sparkling_heart: It’s just that the splash is meant to be for a contest entry, the deadline of which is coming up pretty quick, and I want to make sure everything is done/approved before then lol.

No worries! Thank you! :hugs:

omfg, I love this so much! it’s absolutely perfect, thank you!!! :revolving_hearts: is there any way you’d like to be credited? also, don’t worry about the wait lol, it’s totally fine!

Gotcha, just thought I’d ask to be sure! Tysm again! :hugs:

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Hi abygail.bauman my name is Tamari , I’m new to the whole writing stories on episode and I’ve seen your amazing art work. I see you are doing free covers and other art work. I would love it if you could make my cover. please reply to me I want to start my story and publish it as soon as possible. I’m really excited! If you could reply to me on my email.

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Duplicate topic closed. Refer to newest topic. :wink: