*FREE* Crimson's backgrounds, covers, overlays and poses artshop [OPEN]

Hey! I’m Crimson and I’m an artist. Recently I’ve been enjoying creating my own backgrounds. I love how much freedom I have and I no longer have to rely on others.

Since it’s summer and I have a lot of free time, I thought to share my passion with you. I do backgrounds, both small and large covers, overlays and poses.

Here are some examples:



These are backgrounds with varying levels of editing. I can use overlays and hand-drawn art for them, as well as any image you provide (as long as they are copyright free).


2021-06-28 (1)





I use an existing image for these backgrounds and just edit it so it looks like it’s night.

2021-06-28 (2)


For these backgrounds, I add snow and make it have an overall winter vibe.

2021-06-28 (3)










These are some covers I made for my stories so please don’t use them.

I used the same images for both the large and small cover, but I can edit them a bit more if you like. (Like moving the title in a different place for the large cover)

Rules: If you want to order something from my shop, please fill out one of the questionnaires. I won’t answer you if you don’t fill in all the requirements.

  • You MUST credit me. Either at the end of the episode or in a readerMessage whenever you use my edits. If you use multiple items from my shop, credit me for ALL of them. My Instagram account is @episode_crimson.
For backgrounds

What size is it:

*one/two/three panels

It is simple, night or winter:

*simple is a normal edit

If it is an official Episode background, what is its name:

*in case you want me to make a boy version of a bedroom or something similar

If not, what is that you are looking for:

Do you want a drawing or real life background:

General vibes:

*like is it supposed to be scary? or romantic?

Any extra information you think I might need:

For covers


Font for title:

*write the name of a font from daFont, just make sure it’s available for commercial use, free and the complete version

How many characters:

*if I think you want too many characters I will tell you (I prefer around 1-5 characters)

Face and outfit details for all of them:

*and I mean every single detail about their face and outfit (write them, don’t just put a picture and expect me to guess what it is; a screenshot with the written clothes is fine too)

Animation for each character:

*these are all animations available from episode. If you want a custom pose, request it first.

General vibes:

*like is it supposed to be scary? or romantic?


*you should be as specific as possible. A quick stick-figure sketch to show me where to put each character would be amazing.

For poses

How many poses do you need:

*please don’t request more than 3 at a time.

Face and outfit details for all of them:

*and I mean every single detail about their face and outfit (write them, don’t just put a picture and expect me to guess what it is; a screenshot with the written clothes is fine too).

Do you want me to modify an existing animation:

Or do you need a completely new pose:

If yes, tell me as many details about what you want as possible:

Insert a pic of your desired pose:

*it can be either a quick sketch by you or a picture from Pinterest of a real human/drawing. This will help me understand what you need.

For overlays

Do you want an overlay from a background or an object/animal/magic/clothes:

*magic means special effects not a magic wand (that is an object); clothes should be from Episode but you can send me pics of real life clothing as well

If background, insert the image here:

If object/animal/magic/clothes, what do you need:

*specify color, shape, size

Do you want a drawing or real life overlay:

Any extra information you think I might need:

As I’m doing this for free, I have the right to reject any request if I think it’s too complicated, it will take too long or if your request is simply ridiculous.

Generally, any edit will take me around 30 mins but it can be more/less depending on your needs. That however, doesn’t mean you will get your edit 30 minutes after you requested it. If I get a lot of request I will do them by the “first come, first served” idea. Also, keep in mind I’m a teenager and I go out with my friends a lot so I won’t be available every second of everyday.

If I’m on vacation or sick, I will write in the title that the shop is temporally closed (if I’m on vacation I will say until when). So please don’t send any requests if it’s closed.

It would be great if you also sent me a link to your story. It will help me get a feel of your story and your characters.

Also, you can ONLY request edits for already published stories and you MUST use my edits no matter what. If at some point you feel like my edits aren’t good/appropriate anymore, you can request another one.

Extra – please read

If you liked my edits and you want to support me, check out my new Patreon (Sanguine Art is creating digital and traditional artwork. | Patreon) , where I will also post my own art. I also offer help for your Episode stories, such as with complex coding and tutorials for as low as €1 per month.

You can also help me by following my Instagram @episode_crimson and my art account @sanguine_art_.

Thanks so much to all of you that ordered from my artshop!


your examples are so good!

thanks so much :heart:

You have cute backgrounds.

hey, @Crimson570


Title: Silenced I want that in cursive plz

Don’t know if you want pics or description but i did both

3 Characters

Summary of characters

Girl (Kathryn):
Body: Female Generic Body

Body Color: Copper 02

EyeBrow: Arched Natural

EyeBrow Color: Medium Warm Brown

Hair: Updo Pony Wavy Long

Hair Color: Golden Brown

Eyes: Female Generic

Eye Color: Blue Green

Head: diamond

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips: Full Round Pouty

Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte

guy 1 (Ian):

Body: Male Athletic Body

Body Color: Copper 03

EyeBrows: Round Medium

Eyebrow color: BlackJet

Hair: Messy Undercut

Hair Color: Black Dark

Eyes: Male Deep Sunken

Eye Color: Hazel

Head: Triangle Sculpted

Nose: Straight Pointed

Mouth: Small Heart

Mouth Color: Pink Beige Matte

Guy 2 (Elijah):

Body: Male Athletic Body

Body Color: Copper 02

EyeBrows: Furrowed Straight S

Eyebrow color: Dark Brown

Hair: Medium Side Curls

Hair Color: Brunette Brown

Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Head: Triangle Sculpted

Nose: Straight Pointed

Mouth: Medium Heart

Summary Of The Outfit

Girl (Kathryn):

Guy 1 (Ian):

Guy 2 (Elijah):

Summary of the cover

The idea picture:

Guy 1 (Ian) He stands on the left

Guy 2 (Elijah) He stands on the right

Girl (Kathryn) She stands in the middle looking at elijah scared

Author: Kathryn Rosslynn At the bottom

You can put Your name In the cover And i will be giving you credit in the beginning of every episode i will tell the people to go check you out.

I want them doing the exact thing that the people in the picture are doing.

Vibe: Drama, fantasy

something like this for the background:

Hey @Crimson570 can u please do a few overlays for me please

If u can, can u please message me back

Hi can I please make a cover request please

I hope you’re not thread hopping, you requested the same thing in another shop

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i just learned what that was! i didn’t know it was looked down upon! but ty for teaching me not too:)


ofc, no problem!