Free custom poses

Heyyyyy, I can do some custom poses including any position limb wise and facial expressions. It is just a matter of mix and match and some creativity :slight_smile:

Send me the following:

  • Character(s)
  • What pose(s) you want
  • What the character looks like and clothes
  • What facial expession (can mix and match with different eyes, mouths, etc)
  • Background

We can discuss further about anything else you would like me to add. Hope to hear from you :slight_smile: I just want to practise.
Here’s one example:

It’s quite basic but I just don’t know what to add or do which is why I am asking for requests :slight_smile: Also I know the teeth may look weird, just playing around with different things :sweat_smile:


Hi @idontknow1 I have a question that concern?
Do you have examples for custom pose
If you do please add them to the list. So nobody is confused @idontknow1

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I understand. It’s alright :blush:

bump :slight_smile:

Do you do INK AS WELL

Yessss, I can figure it out. To be honest I prefer INK. Just send me exactly what you want and character details along with clothes as I will have to code a little to get the bits I need to do it.

Great ty ty . Gimme a little bit ok :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Yeah ofc, Also send the background u want. PM me as it will be easier that way :slight_smile:

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Hey I just sent you a message

Hiya I really love your work and am in desperate need for a couple custom poses! Are you still making these? :blob_hearts: