Free Dialouge help for authors

Are you stuck with a romantic scene? or don’t know how to tell your MCs partner that they’re no longer in this world?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Send me your story -

*Story description
*Scene description
*Idea you had written down

Together we can work it to out to suit your story type.

My first story is out in October/November, follow my IG mafiastar.episode for updates


Me please. Can I PM you?


Of course

What do you need help with

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Dialogue for my fantasy story

Of course

If you message me either on here or my IG page with the previous scene and what you would like to happen in the scene I’m writing just to give me a background of the story

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Hey could you make a small dialogue for me?

Can You Make A Small Dialogue Where The Girl Says Like Really Harsh Things That Make The Boy Feel Like He’s A Shit But It’s Because He’s Girlfriend Is Being Controlled