Free Drawing Requests (CLOSED ATM)


I’m taking traditional art requests at the moment. My main focus is generally humanoid characters, and it may take me a while, or I might not get to you if my energy and/or time runs out. I’m going to try and do as many as I can today, and then do more tomorrow too.
Here is an example of my traditional coloured art:

Ginger Goddess

I do need a full coloured ref if you want me to accurately draw your character. Thank you and have a nice day. ^^



Ooh that is gorgeous! May I have one?


Thank you, and of course! If you want you can DM me a reference of your character, or you can post it here. You may also request a certain pose if you’d like to.


Wow, this is exciting! :smile::smile:

Think you can draw her?


Yes, I believe I can! Do you want it to be a headshot drawing or something else? It may be a little more detailed if its just a headshot. (Headshot meaning shoulders and up.)


Sure! Headshot sounds beautiful :grinning:


Alright, I’ll get to work! It should be done sometime tonight.


Aww thank you, i know it will be awesome


could you take this character maybe from the chest up doing something creepy like a shush with a deep background and maybe some blood splatters with the title “The Trials” in the top of the screen with a cool font


I have a question-- is her bangs all around white/blonde or is half of them? Since I’ve looked and found another image of who seems to be the same person, but their hair has it half and half.

(This is what I found by the way)


Ooh! Cara!


Hmm whatever you think best! Kinda half? :smile:


Hehehee :smirk: I :heart: Cara


I’ll be sure to let you know!


Is there a specific type of font you want me to use? Since I’ll have to replicate it as I’m doing this on paper rather than digitally.


Goodness, I forgot to ask, what colour are her eyes?


I sort of assume you thought this was going to be made digitally, so I did make it digitally. I hope you like it.

And here’s one with splatters


Oops! So sorry I didn’t see this. Brown. :eye:


Here it is! I didn’t sign it (oops) but I trust you’d credit me if you use it for anything.



And of course I will!

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