Free Drawn Character Art (2/2) ~ Closed ~

I’ve decided I’ll draw more than cover art so feel free to request pfps/art scenes/covers/ect ect

I’ll do a quick run down of the rules.
First come first serve
Max 3 characters
What will you be getting? a transparent png of the character art
This shop will be open for as long as I feel like doing requests, I’m doing this as a trial run for opening commissions in the future and I need to practice my coloring/anatomy (so be warned for potential art style inconsistencies because i’m an amateur)
I’ll be taking 2 spots at a time and I won’t hold spots. If you want to be tagged the next run let me know!
Be ready with what you want. Reference pics, reference pics!! pose/characters/ideas/color scheme/ect ect.
I will try my very best to complete these in a timely manner, happy requesting <3


(cover for MinaMy4531)

(cover for KanaMoon)
credit must be given in the episode story itself, you can credit my instagram
if you really like the finished product consider leaving me a tip on my ko-fi <3


Hey there! I’m currently writing a new Rom-com and your art really looks like something I’m looking for. What I’m asking for may be a bit complex but hopefully you are open to doing it!

The title of the story is “Future in the Present”

So I want a small cover with pastel colours. The colour palette is up to you, just want the cover to have soft, cheerful colours (something like the example you published). A girl and boy having this pose:

The characters look like this:

And in the middle of their pose is a soda machine (I’m not joking). Would be funny if we had a smiley face on the soda machine that has a pixelated font. The soda machine looks like this:

It’s okay if you don’t want to accept this request. What I’m asking for is a bit complex.







Bump :purple_heart::sparkles:

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Heyy if there are any more spots left then let me know! Also if you are willing to take my requests can you share your IG account so I dm you all the details there!

Thank you :heart_on_fire:

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@Eun and @KanaMoon I’ll dm you both when I start your covers so I can ask for further details!


I’ll tag you in the next one! My instagram is peachii.episode

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Thank you! Looking forward to them!

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without title

Request Complete! @KanaMoon , sorry I wasn’t able to get the vending machine in there, it looked really awkward when I was doing the placement, but I made sure to get the smiley face in :slight_smile: if there’s any problems with the sizing when you go to upload it, let me know because sometimes the image compresses and i’ll have to email you the photo!


Looks so good! And I would suggest sending these directly to the clients, or adding watermark as some can steal it :sneezing_face:

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I’ll keep that in mind for the future! I guess I figured nobody would want to steal it since they’re made for the requester details specifically lol <3

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I love it girl! Don’t worry about the vending machine. It looks perfect without it!

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i’m so glad you like it! <3

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bump! taking requests again as I’ve finished the art for the last two spots



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Hiiii!!! Can I please make a request?

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yep! just so you know i’m only doing cover art for small covers!

That’s completely fine!!! I’m more than grateful! I will send you my request right now! Thank youuuu

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Hello, I’m requesting a small cover please!!! (and if possible can turn it into a png as well so I can use it as a big cover)

  • Character Details

  • Poses

(This is a enemies to lovers type of story so I want them to look annoyed with each other!! But yeah this is the pose I want them to be in!)

  • Background

(This is the background I want it’s from episode! If possible can you blur it a little bit but not all the way. I want it to still be visible!)

  • Outfits
    For Aliyah:
    Screenshot 2021-07-05 7.09.09 PM

For Gabriel:
Screenshot 2021-07-05 7.09.38 PM

  • Story Title
    “Falling For Him”

Thank you so much!

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Awesome! I’ll send you a progress pic when I get the sketch done, since i just finished 2 requests i’m going to take a day off or so, but you’ll hear from me when i start your request! <3

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No problem!!! I can’t wait to hear from you! Enjoy your day off :blush:
Thank you!!

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