FREE drawn profile pictures- SLOTS FULL

Hi i would like to request for profile picture @evelynn.writes

-Photo reference.
(I’m going to need an image of an actual person, not an outline or cartoon. There’s an example below the form.)



Character detail:
Body: Female Generic Body
Body skin: Copper 03
Brow: Arched Short
Brow color: Black Dark
Hair: Straight Medium
Hair color: Black Silhouette
Eyes: Delicate Almond Falsies
Eyes color: Brown Black
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lips color: Red Deep Matte

can i have her smiling in profile picture @evelynn.writes

-Any changes you want made to the photo.
(Eg- hair colour, hair style, accessories, eye colour…)


No thanks @evelynn.writes

-A background.
(This can be submitted or you can just tell me roughly what you want and I’ll find one.)


can i have background that shown in example . Color will be blue and white @evelynn.writes

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@Catniss Your request is accepted! And thank you. :blob_turtle:

@Kande10 Sorry, but your request is denied.
I’m only willing to do shoulders up and the photo you’ve chosen is almost full body.


Thank you , also if I don’t find a bg just go in ahead a chose a bg of your choice !

Hi! Could you please choose a different reference, I’ve never drawn a face from that angle before and I’d prefer something a little easier. I’m also going to need you to be a little clearer on what you want. Be as specific as you can. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just letting you all know that my slots are full! If you really want one, let me know and I’ll tag you when the slots are available again, though you might be waiting a while.

@Kande10 I will add you to the requests (because @/catniss snuck in just before you haha), if you can send a better reference for me and be clearer on what you want me to do. (:

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do pose work that change and description @evelynn.writes

that alright because i saw her reply when she was typing

@Kande10 request accepted!

I can’t use the background in the picture, because it’s a stock photo. I can find something similar, with a christmas tree in the background as there is in the reference though?

Also, would you like the clothes on your episode character, or the ones on the reference?

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one with clothes from my character @evelynn.writes

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A little darker than the picture please :relaxed:

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Hey! Could you tag me when spots are available as well?? <3

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@Kande10 okay, and you didn’t specify a background so I’ll just do it without one and you can sort that. (:

Got it!

Sure! (:

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Hey @Tesbie28, your request is complete!

This one has the text over it for people on this thread to see, but I will send you the version without it. Also, I know you didn’t want a background, I’ve got the one without a background too. :blob_turtle:


@Ryder14 I’ll start your request next, and send you the sketch when it’s done. (:

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It looks sooo much good!!!

Thanku so much!!
Can u send it through my mail… for the quality? send both versions!! please!

Thanku so much again!

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Thank you!

Oh, sure! I’ve just sent it through the forums, but I can do that too. You’re welcome. (:

Yah… I just saw… but mail gives the best quality than forums.
and the one u sent me have a white background… not transparent…

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Oops, my bad. I’ll make sure to email you it without a background.

thanku so much! :smiling_face:

You’re welcome, I just sent it now. My only request now is please don’t colour over the signature. (:

and I won’t remove the signature lol.

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