FREE Edit Requests!

I won’t be doing anymore for another month or so because I have a full list

Hey everybody!

I am in need of some GOOD outlines that I can make edits with for fun! If you send any, Please ALSO tag the creator’s Instagram!!!


I will be taking the next 3 requests! At the top of this, I’ll change it to OPEN or CLOSED depending on if and when I’m done with the three and three more people can request!

-Comment your details, outfit, (optional) pose, and (optional) background!
-PLEASE WRITE OUT YOUR DETAILS! -You can screenshot the outfit because that shows what each clothing article is named.
-Comment your Instagram username so I can DM you when finished! If you don’t have an Insta, I’ll just PM you.
-Once finished, please give credit to @brooketurner.writes (my insta) wherever you post it or use it so people can hear some more about my work!

Also, give some love to my girl @fraulyedits on Instagram! She made me my PFP a while back and inspired me to start edits :slight_smile: Idk if she is taking requests atm bc she recently restarted her account!



This is for archer:
Nuetral 03

Archer medium black dark

Slicked back solid dark black

Monolid slender brown black or brown dark

Square long jaw shadow

Straight flat

Full heart natural - rose light nude

Can he be in the angry arms crossed pose? My ig: marii.writes :slight_smile:

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Sure! Any background you’d like?

Also I will do my best on it I’m just useful to ink :joy:

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maybe this or any EBI themed background :slight_smile: he also has scar cheek (00-03) thank you so much!!! :hugs:

No problemo!!! Also what’s the EBI :joy:

it’s fine, I’m the same as well :grin:

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Just FBI but for episode bc of copyright :joy:

But they have FBI stuff :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

ooo for real?! :rofl::rofl: idk some people mention to only refer it to ebi instead, so I just used it to be on the safe side :pleading_face:


hello I would like a edit please

This is the characters details
Style: ink

Skin tone:tan
Brow: seductive arch
Hair: fishtail braid (platinum blonde)
Eyes: upturned bold (green)
Face: soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: blossom lips (Bordeaux)

Here’s her outfit

For the pose can she be winking at the camera

Sounds great! I’ll get started as soon as I finished up @Marii.writes ! It should be ready by Sunday-Tuesday.

It should be ready by Saturday-Monday

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Okay thanks!

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Ooo fun, thank you hun! :green_heart:

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@Lily.e @Marii.writes if you two wouldn’t mind possibly finding me 1 or 2 outlines? Not required but would be SUPER helpful!

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Mkay I’ll look

How’s this one? I’ll try and find more

Great! Thx so much :blue_heart:

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