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you can’t just take other people outline.

  1. they never gave permission
  2. it’s not yours
  3. you’re having someone else do it

that’s just wrong. you have to always ask if you can use & if not then make your own. it’s your edits after all.


I’m not claiming it as my own. I understand and respect that these edits belong to other people. I create my outlines for the most part, and give credit where it is due. @Lily.e if you know who it belongs to that’s be great. Most creators are fine with it.

You don’t ALWAYS have to ask, but it can help to if they are very strict about their outlines

I haven’t had much luck finding outlines and it’s just helpful when other people find a couple. It gives me inspiration.

You’re making edits for them, that’s why you’ve made this shop. But if you’re taking other people’s outlines, half of it isn’t even your work. Instead of making these things for people, they could just take the outlines and colour it themselves or whatever. This isn’t really all your work and you didn’t even credit the outlines in your examples.

That’s all I had to say :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m making edits with my own outlines. I create he character then screenshot and make the whole thing. I sometimes and rarely use other people’s outlines and go to them as a last resort if I am super low on inspiration. None of the edits I am making for people are using others peoples outlines.

I only use others edits (for the most part) when I am entering a contest. On the occasion i DO use someone else’s, I always tag them in the description and post. Trust me, I like to keep things fair and have my fair share of the negative end.

In the two edits above, the watermarks of the creators are already there. Those were two of my contest entries.

i Don’t actually someone gave me it and didn’t tell me who it belonged to so sorry for the confusion

That’s alright I still might make an edit with it for fun even if I don’t post!

I feel like I’m getting a big wave of hate for no reason what should I do

I do ask that’s what I said…

I just don’t want any drama that’s all

then don’t say you’re getting a big wave of hate :star_struck:

Lmao this is what I get for staying up till 3 am :joy:

It was an exaggeration I’m just stressed sorry I have a lot going on I’m just super busy

I just looked and when I said you don’t always have to ask I meant do I’m sorry auto correct xd

it’s fine, i get it. no hard feelings, i’m on the edge as well lmfao, sorry if i came across as rude.

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Nah your all good :ok_hand:t3: Friends? :handshake:

And when I saw :star_struck: I thought of getting the Actor job on BitLife :joy::joy::joy: