FREE Edit Requests!

Part of my stress is because I FINALLY beat Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix I couldn’t get past Ansem II but after that it was fine

Also, it’s not just coloring trust me it takes 1-6 hours typically and the edits I do for people I use my own outlines :upside_down_face:

All done!!! I’ll DM it to you! I hope you like it :blush:

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Thanks! I thought Art Resources was in creators corner sorry :joy:

This is Harvey
Body : Natural 02
Brow : straight medium, color : deep brown
Hair : medium taper wavy, color : brunette brown
Eyes : deepest downturned, color : hazel
Face : squared jaw
Nose : straight pointed
Lips : medium heart, color : beige rose
These are his clothes :
And I don’t really want a specific background, you choose one :cherry_blossom:
Thank you :heart:
This is my Instagram : @lameesepisode

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Hi :wave:t4: can I make a request?

Ofc doll! It’ll take be a bit tho bc I’m behidn’

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That’s okay! :sunflower:
I would like an edit of two characters in this background

Character 1 details

Skin Tone: Umber
Eye Shape: upturned feline
Eye Brows: seductive arch
Eye Color: white
Nose: elven
Face Shape: oval
Lips: Full round
Lip Color: Ruby red
Hair: long curly
Hair Color: charcoal

Character 2 details

Face Shape: defined triangle
Skin Tone: honey
Eye Shape: gentle almond
Eye Color: white
Eye Brow: medium sharp
Nose: button
Hair: spiked up hair
Hair color: black

I would like for them to be standing in the gazebo with character 2 holding character 1 at the waist and looking down (he is supposed to look subtly sad) and for character 1 to have her hands resting on character’s 2 shoulders and for her arms to be crossed and for her to be looking up at him also with a saddened look :heart::sunflower:
And can you make an another version with everything the same but just with them looking up at the lights
Oh also can this be drawn? :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:

I’ll do my best but this will DEFINENTLY take me a long time! I’ll do my best but this will be the first large edit I’ve done

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Hmm okay, how long do you think?

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Depends how long do you have till? I’ll get to work on it ASAP and PM u

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I roughly have around 1-3 weeks, how does that sound? :heart:

Plenty of time! Dm me on Instagram @brooketurner.writes so that it’s easier to discuss the details :grin:




And can the pose be her doing something cute and her having a cute stare?


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Can you DM me? I’m a little confused on the poses @brooketurner.writes is my insat

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Hi girl, do you take any request atm, I really like your art and think you’re so talented.