*FREE* edits! *CLOSED*

Hey, I’m doing free edits for covers! I’m also doing special overlays and I can find backgrounds
What to do:
-Reply with the information and details about what you want
-Send a photo of the character/s and of the background
-Please tell me what genre and what mood you are going for
-Tell me the title

-Tell me what background you want
-Tell me if there are any specific details it needs to have
-Tell me how many zones

-Specify if you want me to find some or make them
-If make: Tell me what you want, send photos of anything you want in it or what the character looks like.
-If find: Tell me what you want

-Making overlays will take longer to do, please don’t ask me when, I will try to do them within days.
-I’m not doing any art scenes, only edits
-For making overlays, I can’t do too complex ones (e.g. a girl piggy back on a guy)
-If you use anything I’ve provided for you, you need to tag me: @Ellie.storiees

Here are some edits I’ve done so far:


Omg yasssss Ellie you’re so talented, love you boo <3 <3

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ha thank you. I hope you like the edit I did for you <3

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Omg your edits are beautiful!!!
I would love to have a splash, one zone plsss
And I’m too lazy to write all the things down but this is what should be on it:

I want a neutral background, like nothing too crazy, maybe something vintage aesthetic themed
And I would love to have this character with the talk_pointup_pretentious animation:

Thank you a lot already! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Also is there anywhere in particular you want Larina? Is it alright if I place her on the side?

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Yes that’s fine! Tyy

Wait wdym by a splash? (sorry im an idiot)

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Like ykk an intro or outro background that says things like “follow me on insta” or “turn up your volume”

ha thanks mate

Here are 3 you can pick from. I did. a few different backgrounds for you. Let me know if you want to change anything, I’ll be happy to go back if there is something else you want

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THANK YOU!!! These are perfect!

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I’ll like to request a cover.
genre- romance
Tittle- Losing It
Background- In a class room on the desk
Skin: neutral 03
Nose: round button
Hair: messy sock bun/ meduim warm brown
Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey/ green
Eyebrow: arched natural/ chestnut brown
Lips: Full Round Pouty/rose matte
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Skin: neutral 03
Nose:Hooked Grecian
Hair:Undercut Short Straight Texture/dirty blonde
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken/ ice blue
Eyebrow:Straight Medium Scar/jet black
Lips:Medium Heart/rose light nude matte
Face:Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Background: on a desk
Genre: romance


Hey girl I’m here for backgrounds im looking for an arcade background

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Sure thing! How many zones?

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Sure, could you tell me a bit more about what you want? What expressions would you like them to have?

Thank youuu 2 zones please

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Well I would like you to draw a steamy sexual relationship between a teacher and a student on top if the desk.

I’m not doing any art/drawings only edits, sorry.

Here are some backgrounds, tell me if you want some different ones:

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