Free Edits :) for everyone

Hey everyone, since I finally have tome I am working on my editing skills so if you have any requests that would Awesome! However I am unable to do overlays
Here are some examples


oop- could u do me one for my insta?

Sure !

I just need the character details and pose

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here’s my character

imma sedn da outfit and pose rn hold on

could I have this pose?
and can she wear a gray hoodie and keep the crown?
Can u also change the hair to Long Double Dutch Braids?

Awesome and did you want any specific background

Hey I need a splash and artscene
Pls tell if you can do them

Sure, depending on what it is. But I’ll try my best :grin:

I’ll send the splash 1st
Text : Characters In The Following Story Are Fictional.
Any Resemblance To Actual Persons, Living Or Dead, Or Actual Events Is Purely Coincidental.
Font : Any font in bold
Background: Dark night sky kinda background

I forget to add a bg
could u do this one?

Or just one with fairy lights :sparkles:

Hey, is this good? :grin:

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tysm :sparkles: :heart:

lol im so happy rn

Np :two_hearts: I’m so glad you like it :smile:

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Hi. Can you do a edit where the character is lifting weights.

I can try :grin:

Just send me the character details and pose


Body: female athletic, Rose 2
Eyes brows: arched thin, jet black
Hair: Short wavy asymmetrical, jet black
Eyes: Hooded Slender almond eyeliner, ice blue
Face: diamond
Nose: defined natural
Lip: medium heart natural, peach gloss

Some like this for the pose

How is this :grin:

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Awesome and did you want a specific background?