Free Edits :) for everyone

Any background would be fine.

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Just how I wanted it :star_struck:
How shall I credit you ?

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Not here to request but I just want to say I like your examples especially thievery one! Looking good!

I’m so glad :grin:
Also you can credit me by my insta @churro323

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Ok :slight_smile:

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Hi! i kinda need one of my character holding a gun (M16 rifle) with the yawning pose (yawn_bored)
here are the details (ink)
skin tone: tan
Brows: seductive arched
Hair: Straight (black)
Eyes: Upturned feline (green)
Face: oval
nose: upturned
lips: classic (cherry red)
if you need anymore info lmk

or maybe something similar to @queenscribbles (im not tryna take your stuff girl!)
like a splashes with like my insta

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puta trying to steal my cute ass edit

lol luv u hoe

Love you too Cuero :heart:

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Awesome! Is there any specific background you want?

I tried my best😁 I hope you like it

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It’s good. Thank you.

Np :smile:

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Do you want credit?

umm here for the first idea
Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 17.31.57 (1)
Can you resize it to fit 1 panel? if not i can do that
for the one similar to @queenscribbles here:

(if you know were the desk is can she sit on it?

Awesome! So you want her sit at the sales for the second picture?


You can do @churro323

the what? im sorry im extremely uneducated

Also would you be able to send the first pic again? For some tea it’s showing up blurry

Also is there any specific outfit U want ?

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