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I’m taking edit requests! I can make you anything from a profile picture to an art scene. I recommend reading through all the arrows before requesting.


Although I would greatly appreciate you following my instagram @syyd.epi, it’s not necessary. Your edit is free!

How to credit me

I would prefer you to credit my instagram @syyd.epi.

If you’re using an edit I made in one of your stories, you can say before and/or after the episode that I made that edit. You can also say this in a reader message. If you’re using an edit of mine on your instagram, simply crediting me in your highlights or bio is perfect. If you’re posting the edit, you can credit me in the description :revolving_hearts:

Examples of my work

Please keep in mind that while I will take requests in limelight, I’m not as good as I am at ink.

How to request a profile picture:

Ink or Limelight?:
Character details:
Background preference (if none, write none):
Outfit preference (if none, write none):
Any other specific requests?:

How to request a cover:

Note: covers will come in a set (matching small and large cover).

Ink or Limelight?:
Character’s details (can include more than one character):
Short summary:
Background preference (if none, write none):
Any other requests/things that I should know (ex. relationships between characters)?:

How to request an art scene:

Ink or Limelight?:
Character details:
What is happening in this scene?:
What pose should the character(s) be in?:
Background desired:
Outfit desired (preferably taken directly from the catalog):
Any other requests/things I should know?:

I’ll be sending your requests through pm to avoid clogging up the thread :heart:

WAITING LIST (in alphabetical order)


PM requests:

Edit: if I’ve liked your post, that means I’ve seen it and will be taking your request :grin:
Edit #2: Please keep in mind that I am a slow editor and your request may take time to fulfill. Please be patient with me!

Requests are now closed. I may open them up again once I’ve finished everyone on my waiting list. Thank you for requesting!!


Hi id like to request for an art scene.


Ink or Limelight?:
Character details:
Hair: Diva Curl(charcoal)
Skintone: Light
Eyes: Upturned feline (red)
Eyebrow: Thin Curved
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Full Round(scarlet)

Character 2(male)
Hair: Short Cropped(black)
Skintone: Tan
Eyes: Gentle Almond (red)
Eyebrows: Straight Bold
Face shape: Defined triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (terracotta)

What is happening in this scene?:
characters are looking into each others eyes
female places her hand on the chest of the male
and male lifts the chin of the female with his hand
What pose should the character(s) be in?:
(male) talk_happy_agree
Background desired:
Outfit desired (preferably taken directly from the catalog):
Wedding Sleeveless Top (Dusty Purple)
Denim Shorts
White Metallic Stripe Bracelet
Simple Leather Choker
Small fishnets
Black White_CrewneckSweater
Ripped punk pants
Any other requests/things I should know?:
they are supposed to be vampires so pls add fangs and drips of blood from their mouth
(lol that sound weird but hopefully you get the idea.)

btw your art is really nice i 'll totally follow you on ig.:heart:

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Tysm! I’ll try to get it to you asap <3

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OMG I LOVE UR ART :heart_eyes::sob: I’ll definitely be following you on insta :heart:

I’d like to request an art scene from you if possible :innocent:


Ink or Limelight?: INK
Character details: Girl
Defined Natural
Beach Wave Hair - Chestnut
Upturned Feline - Pine
Classic - Terracotta
What is happening in this scene?:
I’d like to use this at the end of my chapter if that makes sense so like an outro art scene (If that’s okay :sweat_smile:)
What pose should the character(s) be in?:
If this pose is possible but instead of the head to the side you can make it forward (But please let me know if you can I understand if my request may be complicated and I don’t want to stress you :slight_smile: )

Background desired:
Outfit desired (preferably taken directly from the catalog):
boyfriend jeans
black dressy crop top
black chelsea boots and socks
Any other requests/things I should know?:

Take your time i’m in no rush :heart:

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Hello I’d like to request a profile picture

I honestly don’t care about the background as long as it’s dark and about the clothes well something black idk you choose… I hope I’m not bothering you❤

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Ink or Limelight


Character details


I can’t decide which pose so I thought it’s best to leave it to you, on which one you like or you can draw


If possible can we keep the rose on the ear and hoop earring and the mascara running down

Pose 2

If possible can we keep the rosary and hoop earring

Pose 3

If possible can we keep the rose and the year drop

Background desired

a solid black-ish Grey-ish background


same as details

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Omg I legit love your art is it ok if I request an art scene


Omg I legit love your art is it ok if I request an art scene

Ink or LL: Ink
Character deets:

Artemis (girl)
Skin tone: Olive
Face shape: oval
hairstyle and color: straight grievance green
Eye shape: upturned feline
Eye color: Auburn
Nose: upturned
Eyebrows: seductive arch

Ryder: guy
Face shape: defined triangle
Skin tone: Olive
Hairstyle and color: spiked up hair blond
Eye shape and color: gentle almond Auburn
Nose: button
Lips: uneven terra-cotta
Eyebrows: Narrow

What’s happening in this scene: Artemis is going out with her friends and Another love interest to the club so she goes to get ready. She doesn’t know anyone is using the bathroom since the door wasn’t locked so she goes in and Ryder just finished up and is only in a towel dripping wet. She begins blushing and he walks up to her and grabs her by the waist just before she was about to leave.



(I’m not sure who made this edit cuz I had this saved from like a year and a half ago but I know it started with an L lol)

Can it be like that exact pose but holding the Mc by her waist

Sorta like how they do it In stories.



In a towel tripping wet.

This one:

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Just wanted to say your art is really pretty! And so cute :grinning: looks great

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Thank you!

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Can i see an example of limelight please?

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Hey your art is so BREATHTAKING !!! So talented!!
If it’s not a problem could you draw me a art scene, i would be very greatful
Here are the Details:


Character details:



Body: Light
Brow: Medium sharp
Hair: Short Cropped Hair
Eyes: Stoic Almond (toffee)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: classic (blush)

What is happening in this scene?:
The boy pushes her against the wall and sees her in the eyes.

What pose should the character(s) be in?:
Like here

i did this but somehow i’m really not feel comfortable with it :confused:
Oh and the girl should look a bit scared and the boy should smirk a little please :grin: and she can wear a bit of make up :blush:

Background desired:
But somehow just the wall on the left side, please.

Outfit desired (preferably taken a direcly from the catalog)


Any other requests/things I should know?:
Nope, thx :blush:

Thank you very much!!!

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Hi I was wondering if I could get a cover.
Btw I love your art and I’m totally gonna follow your insta!

[Ink Or Limelight]

[Character Details]
Skin= Light
Face= Oval
Hair= Long Feathered (black)
Eye Brows= Defined Natural (black)
Eyes= Upturned Feline (white)
Nose= Elven
Mouth= Classic (Scarlet)
Clothes= Blue Star Tee With Key Necklace

Skin= Tan
Face= Defined Triangle
Hair= spiked Up Hair (black)
Eye Brows= Thin Arch (black)
Eyes= Deepest Piercing (violet)
Nose= Button
Mouth= Uneven (terracotta)
Clothes= Blue Racer With Key Necklace


[What’s Happening]
Characters are facing back-to-back and looking opposite ways while still holding hands, and could you maybe draw it do the male character is also holding a gun?


I don’t really have anything in mind besides it has to be black with smokey grey mist

[Other Info]
If you can, could you make the title big and go around it with neon blue

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Hii I love your edit so much and I would really appreciate it if you could create a cover for me? :grin::heartbeat: I have also followed you on insta :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Style: Ink
Character’s details:

Female 1:
Skin = Tan
Face = Oval
Hair = Straight (black)
Brows = Mature round
Eyes = Upturned feline (green)
Nose = Soft natural
Lips = Full round (Scarlet)
Clothes = White beach day romper (dress), Skater girl black sneakers (shoes)

Female 2:
Skin = Light
Face = Square
Hair = Beach waves (Blonde/yellow)
Brows = Medium soft arch
Eyes = Upturned luxe (blue)
Nose = Refined
Lips = Full round (Blush)
Clothes = Red Emily sundress flowers (dress), red dress heels (shoes)

Male 1:
Skin = Olive
Face = Defined Triangle
Hair = Unstyled faux hawk (blonde/yellow)
Brows = Bushy wide
Eyes = Gentle almond (blue)
Nose = Button
Lips = Uneven
Clothes = Blue Overcoat

Male 2:
Skin = light
Face = Diamond
Hair = Boy Bun (fawn)
Brow = Thick arch athletic
Eyes = Deepest piercing (toffee)
Nose = Button
lips = Smirk
clothes = Red plaid

Title: Hunny Bunny
Short summary: I would like female 1 standing on the left side leaning against male 1 looking back at him with a flirty face (his left hand around her waist and right playing with a strand of her hair) and male 1 looking down at her with a slight smirk. female 2 further back on male 1 side with a sad facial expression and male 2 on female 1 side further back with an annoyed facial expression.
Genre: Romance
Background: Any garden background
Other: The idea of the story is that male 1 is a professor and female 2 is a college student. Female 2 and Male 2 are the ex lovers of Female 1 and Male 1.

I understand if you are too busy :heart:

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Danggg you are realllyy good :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Sure! Fair warning though, I’m not as experienced in limelight.


Thank you!!


Omg i love it, i want to make a request for limelight art scene please but i think i need 3 art scenes i mean for 3 characters if you can…
Ink or Limelight?: Limelight drawn
Character details:

Tell me if you need more details
What is happening in this scene?: the boy with red hair to be in position sitting against the wall on the street with the hand raised up with black green power if u know what i mean, the blonde girl stand on knees with both hands raised and yellow power in her hands and the red hair girl to be on street face to face with me walking straight to me with red black power in her hand, i don’t know if you understand what i said but i hope you did and i know it’s kinda hard but i understand if you can’t do this.

What pose should the character(s) be in?: I just said this.
Background desired: For the boy on street, for the red hair girl in an alley on street and for the blonde girl in a street too.
Outfit desired (preferably taken directly from the catalog):

For boy:

For blonde girl:
For red hair girl: raven

Any other requests/things I should know?: No rush but i really hope you can help me, i follow you on instagram and for sure i will credit you. And please tell me if you can. Have a good day.

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So we have out stories already published to request covers and art scenes?


Ok so lmao my friend @eilyk needs a matching cover set but she’s silenced so I’m like writing this for her.


TITLE: Hell Hole
GENRE: action/comedy
Summary: basically this gang in cali gets caught for drug dealing so they go to ny to hide & the mc (kylie) accidentally finds her brother (void) there & he knows abt the news & theyre wanted too basically so they live in void’s mansion.

Other They’re siblings


Ink or Limelight?: Limelight drawn
Character’s details (can include more than one character):
Female: Body: gold 02, arched thin: black/brown, Bouffant Long Wavy: strawberry blond, eyes: round downturned wide: Green emerald, Face: heart soft, Nose: pointed downturned, full-round flat top skin: blood orange.

Body: Netural 04, Brow: straight medium scar: Black jet, Hair: medium side curls: chestnut brown, Eyes: deepset downturned: Ice blue, square jaw roundcheek stubble, nose: grecian narrow, full heart natural: rose light nude matte
Title: Tutoring Bad
Short summary: College was meant to be easy but when you’re forced to tutor the campus bad boy will you teach him more than you bargained for or will it be a disaster waiting to happen?
Genre: Romance
Background preference (if none, write none): None
Any other requests/things that I should know (ex. relationships between characters)?: Couple

Male: Tight fitting tank top cotton grey/black, chain accessories ripped jeans denim black, sneaker rubber sole canvas gray black, swallow arm tattoo, scar nose bridge.

Female: water proof black pants leather gray black, lace cape stiletto heels gray black,
Plaid Boyfriend Flannel Cotton Brown Off Black

For the pose something like this:

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