Free edits, modified backgrounds, art scenes

Hey guys, so I’m just getting started on some artistic work. All for free, but credits required.
Tell me below if u need anything or DM on Instagram @Episode.mnm

Some brief work (will be more detailed):



Hi, @MnM08
I would like to request an art scene, I saw that you are doing them on the Art & Edit shop, and was wondering if you could make me one.
You’re really artistic and I love your work!
If you can thank you so, so much. If not thanks so much for your time.
Below I have everything that was asked for from there.

  • Style: LL
  • Character Details:
    CARLY: skin (rose 2), brows (arched thin-light brown), hair (long wavy blowout-light brown), eyes (Deepset Upturned Wide-Ice blue), face (heart soft), nose (defined natural), lips (small heart-pink beige gloss)

ROMEO: skin (gold 2), brows (Arched Medium-chestnut brown), hair (Medium Side Curls-medium brown), eyes (Narrow Almond Deep Sunken-brown dark), face (Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved), nose (Male Generic), lips (Full Heart Natural-rose light nude gloss)

BRENT: skin (neutral 2), brows (Male Generic-light brown), hair (Medium Taper Wavy- dirty blond), eyes (Deepset Downturned-blue green), face (Triangle Chiseled), nose (Grecian Narrow), lips (Full Heart Natural-beige rose)

Example Character Details:
Romeo has a Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor and Dagger Heart Chest Tattoo Ink Multi Color
Caly has a Dagger Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color tattoo and a nose stud silver

Example Outfit Picture

  • Pose: Carly has right arm around Brent and left arm around Romeo
  • Size (1/2/3 panels) 1
  • View (Full Body, Upper half, Face…) Full body
  • Special Wishes : Could Carly be in the middle with her arms around Brent(right) and Romeo(left)
  • Preferred Editor/Artis @MnM08
    Again thanks, Ava

Yeah sure, no problem.
This might take me a bit of time though

Thank you so much, take your time.

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Hi girl, if you are taking requests right now can you please do mine when you’re free :two_hearts: :pleading_face:

I would like to request an art scene if that’s okay,

Character Style (LL, Ink): Ink
Character Details (Male) :arrow_down:
Body: Tan
Brow Shape & Color: Thin arch black
Hair Style & Color: Long bangs & Charcoal
Eye Shape & Color: Stoic Almond & green
Face Shape: defined triangle
Nose Shape: button
Lip Shape & Color: uneven & toffee
Number of Characters : 2
Character Outfits* (plus details like freckles or piercings!): Black beach boy linen shirt, lady rose tattoo (rose), Ripped punk pants, black hipster high top sneakers.

This is for the female character :arrow_down::
Character Style (LL, Ink): ink
Character Details (face shape, skin tone, etc):
Body: Tan
Brow Shape & Color: Defined natural
Hair Style & Color: beach wave, black
Eye Shape & Color: upturned feline, taupe
Face Shape: oval
Nose Shape: elven
Lip Shape & Color: full round, taupe
Character Outfits* (plus details like freckles or piercings!): black dressy crop top, hip rocker boots, white high waisted pants

Thank you so much!!!

What’s the pose and background?

Can the pose be like they are hugging each other like in one of your examples above. As for the background I would prefer it to be at nighttime, don’t have a specific one so you can decide which one fits best. Thank you!

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I’m sorry, I’m not trying to come off rude but is the hugging art, a pose reference or an outline from a picture? it looks familiar… to a picture I seen when I was looking for pose reference.

A hugging pose is very common so it’s very likely that poses have similarities.
I can’t rly see what the problem is as long as it’s not copying the artwork

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True, but I’m just wondering… because I’m a self-taught with art and I’m looking for poses…

Duplicate closed. Refer to newest: 🌺 Free Art Shop 🌺 Find everything you need here