Free edits please help yourself

Hi I edit here’s some work

I’m willing to edit your ink or LL character or classic for free in the comics just give me details on your avatar and awnser these questions

  1. What is your favorite color

  2. Favorite element + favorite food

  3. Outfit style what kinds of outfits do you wear or do you have a specific outfit you want in your edit

  4. Name a year thru 1800-2019

  5. What is your second favorite color

  6. Do you want makeup ?
    If so
    Eyeshadow color (can be more than 1)
    Lipstick color (can be more than 2
    Blush color

  7. Please credit @Bonnie_tube

  8. Please subscribe to popularmmos- jkjk

K that’s all


That’s really cool and beautiful :sunglasses: i might request soon if i can find an episode character to use it on.

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Cool :smiley:


Hey! Your edit is pretty cool :blush:. Do you mind, if I have one?

  1. Black
  2. Darkness and Ramen noodles.
  3. Dark and edgy/ 2000’s type outfits (Flannel shirts, lounge, or leather jackets)
  4. 1999
  5. Red
  6. I would like makeup please! Eye shadow can be red or smokey eyed, Lipstick color is any dark color (Black, deep purple, red)

*Please include upper mole on lip. Thank you!

Here are my details:

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Sure of course if you can please share so others can see!

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Ok! I don’t have social media, but I’ll try to spread the word. Thank you :blush:!

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Hi! Do you think you could make an edit for me? BTW Your edit looks amazing!

  1. Teal
  2. Water + Cup Noodles
  3. Sexy but cute at the same time (if you know what I mean)
  4. 2018
  5. Rose Gold
  6. Do you want makeup?
    If so
    Eyeshadow color: Black
    Lipstick color Peach Gloss

Here are my details:

Hair Colour: Black Dark
Thanks for reading!

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Could you make one for me?

  1. Favourite Colour = Blue
  2. Favorite element + favorite food = Water + Roast Dinner
  3. Outfit style what kinds of outfits do you wear or do you have a specific outfit you want in your edit 1980s teenage girl - like Clueless, Stranger Things, that sort of thing idk
  4. Name a year thru 1800-2019 = 2004
  5. Second favorite color = Pink
  6. Makeup =
    Natural eyeshadow,idk
    Lipstick color = Rosy Red Glossy
    Blush color = Subtle pink blush

Maddie details
Thanks :blob_hearts:

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Thanks I’ll start when I take a lil break I’m beat :blush:

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Sure I’ll start once I take a break :blush:

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Of Course! Take your time, I’m in no rush! :blush:

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Also what do you want


With char


Or character deets?

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Character deets please :blush:

Ok! Got it :joy:

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Of course! There’s no rush

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