🐴 Free EPIC Looping Horse Templates!

Hey guys! I’ve created another set of script templates for you! These are looping horse templates set in either a forest, a snowy mountain, or a desert!

Here are the links to each of them on EpisodeLife.com:
Looping Horse Template (Forest)
Looping Horse Template (Snowy Mountains)
Looping Horse Template (Desert)

On the website you’ll find all the overlays you need, then all you need to do is enter your characters’ names into the boxes, click “Generate Script”, and you’ll have your script ready to go!

I really hope you like these! Let me know what you think! And if there’s any other kinds of templates you’d like me to create, let me know in the comments!


Awesome! :100: :star_struck:

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this is awesome! thank you so much for making these and sharing them with us! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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This is amazing and so helpful! Thank you :blush::dizzy:

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