Free Episode art


Hi email me at if you are interested in any episode Art I can make it within 1 or 2 days

Anyone need a main artist or just the odd art
Anyone need a main artist
Art shop and advice
Ibispaint x advice
Free front covers and profile pictures
Quick Splashes (any pictures)
Who needs cover art
Cover art free text characters in their poses
Splash and cover request
Splashes and profile photos

I would love to request
could you provide any examples?


Shall I send some I have worked on for another story


Yes. That would be great



That’s cool. Did you draw the 3rd & last picture?


Mainly I used another artist and drew based on that then edited on my phone so the highlights looked better so I sought of traced parts


I drew the first from scratch though


Ok. That’s cool


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Can u give me pointers plz


Well I’m new to this but I like to use inspiration and then take small bits I like and make it my own any pointers from the person who’s story it is are always helpful


Or you can dm me on hialexhi1919220


hey could you maybe make an art scene for me?


Ye I would love to


Ask for profile pictures that I will draw writhing 30mins or front covers for episodes


Moved to Art Resources since it’s for covers and profile pictures. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. ;


Oh Ye sorry did wrong one


Can u show me examples of drawings?


I only have my first 2 drawings so they are not that great ( deleted the rest )