Free Episode Cover Art[CLOSED]

Hey! My names Lily and I’m fairly new to episode.
I’ve recently seen a lot of people asking for cover art and therefore, I am willing to help create some cover art for y’all!
It may not be as good as some of the cover art you see on other topics but I try my best!

Here is an example of some of my work:


If you would like cover art, I will try my best to create and upload the art, it can take me up to 5 days but I promise you will get it!

Obviously, every story is different so I would like you to kindly fill out a form in order for me to understand the kind of genre your story is and what the cover may look like.


Description of story:
Other details:


To apply for cover art, I understand that maybe the cover I create for you may not be up to the standard you want it, if you do not like the art I’ve created, DON’T GIVE ME HATE! Like I said before, I am trying my best. If I can spare time, I will re-create the cover for you. I will not tolerate any hate on this topic, I am just simply trying to help out people who need cover art :slight_smile:
I DO NOT WANT TO BE MESSED AROUND. Creating these covers WILL take time.

I hope this wasn’t too difficult for anyone, if you enjoy the cover, please don’t forget to pm me so I can check out your story on the Episode app!



Do you think you could make me one? :roll_eyes:

Yes, I can! Just copy the form section and fill it out.

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Yours is great! I don’t any cover art for my stories, lol, I just wanted to compliment how good your art is! XD

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Title: Dangerously In Love
Genre: Romance
Description of story: Pm
Other details: Pm

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Thank you so much!

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I’ll pm you now :blush:

Title: Angelic Voice

Genre: Drama/Romance

Description of story: A young girl with an impressive singing voice is held back due to being shy. That was until she bumped into her soulmate one night, without knowing they were soulmates.

Other details: If this makes any sense, I would like a young girl with light brown hair in the center of the cover while there’s a boy hugging her from from behind. Above the guy and girl the title can be there (in cursive if that’s possible) and a music note next to the title. I’d like the background to be a light blue color, kinda like the background you have in your example of your work. (Man, this is a lot of words.)


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Please could you give me a clearer detail of what the girl and boy looks like please: eye colour, skin colour etc…

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Her eyes are blue, and her skin is kind of a light skinned yellow tone. Her hair is long and straight, and she has a black long sleeved shirt.

…and the male?

My bad, I didn’t fully read the reply. The male has a slightly darker skin tone from the female, auburn colored hair, short and spiky hair, blue eyes, and his shirt is a blue tank top. (I hope this helps.)

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Here’s my story:
Title: H & V: Island of Lost Wishes
Author: Sophie
Genre: Romance
Description: Two single yet heart-broken strangers make a wish to find love, what they don’t know is it’s right there in front of them.
Number of Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Instagram: sophie.epy

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![IMG_7522|375x500](upload://klRl9v1 zYTn9UFmaAQtUDJgkaO.jpg) Character details :smiley_cat:

Oops :smiley: girl:

Are you still wanting Cover Art?

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Yes please!! I’m so sorry it said that i sent the limit of messages or something? so i couldn’t reply

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Hi, can you make a small cover and a “this story uses sound…” thing for me, please?
Title: Double Identities
Genre :Drama
Description:Bella’s life has been unfair to her (her dad died, her mom hates her, she gets bullied at school, she doesn’t have a job…), until one day when Silver offers Bella a job as a spy but to get the job, she has to create a new identity… (LAMEEEE)
For the cover i need two girls (i will send the pictures below) back to back.
The authors name is Liza B.

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and this is the other girl

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so? can you do that for me?