[FREE] Fonts/Texts for story titles, overlays, etc

Hello again!

Below, you will find examples of free fonts that I have available to make text overlays with, should you need! All fonts are PUBLIC DOMAIN, meaning they are safe to use for stories.

To request a text overlay and/or story title, please fill out this small form, like I have below and comment on this thread:

Font name: Agreloy.
Text: Later that day…
Style: Outlined.
Colour(s): Black with white outline.
For: Overlay use.

For you:

Font name:

You can request multiple styles, an example being “Bold outlined”, “Bold italic” and so forth.

Please note: I cannot and will NOT accept a request if the text you have provided contains strong and/or offensive language - there are guidelines.

The font names are the Summary titles. Whenever I have brand new fonts, I will update this post.

Every single font I use will ALWAYS be public domain.

Credit is optional. If you would like to give credit however, please either type a readerMessage if you’re using the text as an overlay with the message “Text credit: Eyeballs via Forums.” or at the end of your episode/chapter alongside any other people you may be also giving credit to.

Enjoy! Examples below. :black_heart: If you’d like to also visit my FREE Google drive for backgrounds & overlays, please go to this thread: Free to use backgrounds & overlays!

3D Isometric


Apex Lake

Betsy Flanagan

Birch Leaf





Ennobled Pet


Hand Drawn Shapes

Help Me




Maximilian Antiqua



Bump. :smiling_face:


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Helloo! I would like to request a few of them if possible!

Font name:
Text: (1) WARNING. (2) This story uses sound and music. (3) Please remember this is a fictional story, and you may not agree with actions. (4) Please be advised that this story may contain mature themes and strong language, this story may not be for you and that’s okay.
Style: Outlined.
Colour(s): Black with white outline.
For: Overlay use.

Thank youu, if you do decide to do this :))

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Thanks for bumping! :black_heart:

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No problem! What font would you like?

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Oops, I’d like 3D Isometric please!

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Here you go:




Mature themes

Thank you for requesting! :black_heart:

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Thank you sm!!

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My pleasure. :smiling_face:

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These are cool, have you made them yourself??:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I made 2, then the rest are made by very talented creators who have allowed them to be public domain! :smiling_face:

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That’s so cool! What is the software you used to create them? Illustrator? :smiley:

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Gimp! It’s a free version of Photoshop. :smiling_face:


Bump. :saluting_face:

Bump again! I’m currently ill, so I’m taking a short break, but requests are still welcome and I’ll get right on it as soon as I feel a little better.

Don’t forget to visit my BGs & overlays thread: Free to use backgrounds & overlays! - #42 by eyeballs

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Bumping! I’ll be adding new fonts soon.

Please feel free to have a look at my newest art thread!

Hey, everyone!
I’m not sure who has seen the sad news that Episode have decided to bid farewell to Forums, instead making a Discord server. Due to this, my fonts will no longer be available.
I plan to share my google drive in the server’s appropriate channel eventually, which will soon feature a Fonts folder and how you can request. A sad day for Forums. :smiling_face_with_tear: