FREE | Gem Choice Template - LIMELIGHT

Hello! If you would like to use my gem choice template just ask! :slight_smile:

The template will be sent to you via – reply or email. xx

If you do not receive the template don’t hesitate to report the incident just contact me.

Also if anybody decides to remove the crediting you will unfortunately face consequences so please do not remove the credits. I would like it if my templates weren’t stolen.

Furthermore, the only way I can provide you with the template is by email so don’t forgot to send me your email. xo

Hey can I get one please!

Hey, could I use one too? My email is

your new template is currently being sent! Check your inbox

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your new template is being sent via email. Check your inbox

Please provide your email address so the template can be sent xo :blush:

your new template is being sent, check your inbox. xo

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