Free help if you need astrology knowledge for your story!

This is kinda random but I see a lot of fantasy or magic-type stories that mention astrology but they use the term improperly or dont incorperate astrology at all and only use the word as a title for a magic category or something? I study astrology, its a passion of mine, so if anyone out there happens to need any info on it for their story, I got you! I love seeing this subject actually represented for what it is because its often misunderstood.


Well, not really going to add in my story… But I just wanted to know if Jupiter or Saturn has a surface, since they’re a gas giant?

I’ve done a research back then and learned that Jupiter has some few surface and other web that I have searched says it has no surface at all. I’m kind of confuse…

i think you are looking for an astronomer! honestly i dont have a 100% sure answer for that :sweat_smile: astrology is the zodiac/planets in signs/houses/etc!


Sorry, my bad. Thanks for answering tho :slight_smile:

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