Free Ink Art ! (closed to finish requests)


hey!! I’ve decided to start taking requests again so if you want a custom pose, an art scene, a character card, a pfp or a story cover just let me know!

here are my examples (please don’t use these - they are just to show you what I can do.)

as u can see i only do ink, i’m sorry :((

before you request please note that i need you to be patient as i do have a life outside of this. also remember u Must credit me!! use either my forums name or my instagram: @ beas.stories

I’m looking forward to this hehe


omgomg your art is SO CUTE would u be down to do a cover for me :o

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yes ofc!! let me know what you need <33

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thank u <3 give me a lil while to sort out the details hehe

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OMGOMGOMG i love ur freakin art dudeeeeee- can i request a custom pose hehe?

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ofc u can!!! what do u need?

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quick question- would you be able to shade abs? like on his stomach lol :joy:

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hehe yes i can :smirk: :smirk:

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hehe sounds good :smirk:

deets -


reference -

when you accidentally click enter too soon-


there’s the reference- NOT MINE BTW

and can he be holding a phone in his right hand instead of the pills? and can he look more surprised/embarrassed?

OH and the same outfit and stuff if you can make it happen! and can he have the same hairstyle? (he just got out of the shower hehe)

deadline - idk like a month? PSHHH take ur time!! :blob_hearts:

lmk if you need any other information!!

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ok so ! these are my two mcs from a comedy/action called team 202, they’re twins their names are nia and nai !

nia's details

toffee skin, thick flat eyebrows, fishtail braid hair (black), downturned bold eyes (auburn), round face, soft natural nose, blossom lips (dusty rose)

leather lace boots, black dressy crop top, leather leggings (black), black ridged moto jacket

nai's details

toffee skin, bushy arch eyebrows, wild curly hair (black), classic round eyes (auburn), defined triangle face, button nose, classic lips (taupe)

cargo pants, black hipster high top sneakers, black beach boy linen shirt

as for their actual pose and the background and stuff … i think them back to back with their arms folded would be good ? with like an explosion or something in the background idk lol it’s up to u

thank u so so much <333

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oo exciting okay !!!

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don’t know if your replying to both of us here- but thanks so much again!! :blob_hearts:

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not here to request! just simply have to say: GODDAMN GIRL, ur edits are like top tier!! keep it up <3


Bump! Your art is :clapping: Amazing :clapping:

I would love if you made a large cover for my story!

The large cover will have 2 characters.

Character 1: Noah

Character 2: Faith

Pose Reference

Something similar to this, but instead of being happy can they be sad :sweat_smile:


Kinda like a half and half thingy

I did a crappy job at putting the backgrounds together :joy: but the backgrounds are “EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - NIGHT” and " EXT. FLOWER GARDEN - DAY"
Also, Faith should be on the left, (where the girl is in the reference) which is the night time side, and Noah should be on the day time side, the right (like the guy in the reference)

I will like to put the title and stuff on my own so you don’t need to put that on the cover :slight_smile:
I would love if you did it <3

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aw omg this idea is so cute im excited to make it!!!

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thank you! :pleading_face:

I will like to request an art scene. Here’s all the details.

The situation is like she is assassinating a person who killed her best friend. So we she is holding the gun against that murderer, she is getting flashbacks of her friend dying. Therefore I need an art scene where she is point a gun forward and tears are falling down her cheeks.

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okay! :))

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WAIT- can i change Dex’s hair color to coral and his eye color to taupe please? (lol don’t ask the plot of my story is complicated- but long story short he changes his appearance when he ‘fights’ & uses his powers) :smirk:

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ah okk!

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