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The Episode Bliss Weekly Art Lessons are to teach artists like you new techniques and skills to get better at art! We do this once weekly at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturdays, so stay tuned! You may jump in any time during the lesson, and catch up from there! We have a special Interactive lesson style, so we will answer your questions as we teach! Just check out the Q and A Question Rules/Templates below! We update this post with new lessons every week at our designated time. Join Episode Bliss for more frequent lessons ranging from daily to twice a week!

Today, you’ll be learning how to create fabulous custom poses. It was voted the winner on our next lesson pole we post weekly. Vote on our next poll to decide what we’ll teach next week. We’ll provide an outline made by president @Dahlia_Blossom for you to practice along with us once the lesson starts!

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Q & A Question Rules/Templates

Anytime during the lesson, you may ask a question about what is being taught.

Question Asking Rules:

  • You must stay on topic at all times.
  • You may only ask questions to the instructor and you may not answer questions asked by other artists.
  • Please do not ask the same question over and over, We will get to you!
  • Ask relevant and meaningful questions, not like “Why are you so gooood!:persevere:
    All artists have there own style! They are all good at what they do and everyone’s art is beautiful no matter what! Do not put anyone (including yourself) down!

Appropriate Examples:

  • What shade did you use for the highlight?
  • Where do you put the contour on the nose?
  • Can I use the same color eye shadow as highlight?
  • Where do the darker colors go on the lips?

(You don’t have to ask these, they are just guides…)

Any other questions/comments? Let us know here before the lesson starts!

Lesson Starting In: Now!

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Welcome to our first lesson! I’m so excited to teach you all!
Please prepare to join me in teaching this lesson!
Here is our outline for today! We will just be shading the face today!

Provided by @Dahlia_Blossom (president)

Let me know you are here and you are participating by typing “UNICORN POWER” below! I will start after a few have typed this!


C’mon guys! Lemme see your UNICORN POWERRRRRRRRR!


Unicorn power


Unicorn Power


Yay! I love your unicorn poweeeerrrrrs! lol


Has everyone downloaded the outline? Are you ready to start?


Can you repost it, it’s not working.



Hope it helps! :wink:


Unicorn power
And I have been thinking of joining the outline contest lol so it’s a great chance for me to colour it







Step One!

Choose your skin color and fill in all parts of skin!


Step 2!

We are only shading the face today! Keep that in mind!
Use a darker skin tone and make airbrush strokes under her cheeks like this!


Step 3!

Use the same brush and color and shade under her bangs on her forehead like so!


Unicorn Power. :unicorn:


Yay! Unicorn!




Step 4:

Use the darker color and airbrush to shade on the eyelid up to the eyebrow. (On both eyes.)


(The other eye)