Free logo commissions (CLOSED)

Helloooo. I can make custom story logos for free. :slight_smile:
Just tell me the story name, the vibes around it and some additional info like the colors and whatnot.
Here is an example from my soon to be published story.


update! moved here: Boni's Comissions 🤍 (open!)


hey! my story is called ‘Hoax’ and its a rockstar bf type of story, mixed with some secretive activities, im thinking like muted colour vibes, greys, blacks. Photography is also a big aspect of the story if this is any help!

Hey, thank you for doing this! 🩵
My story is called “Bad Idea”, it’s a mystery/ drama story, so the colours could be red or pink, there’s also a big secret revolving the story, but you can design it however u want, I don’t mind :pray:t3:🫶🏼

Hey! Thnku for doing this❤️
My story is “licensed to love” Colours like bright pink,black,silver would suit best. Thnx again.:see_no_evil:

Hello! Sorry for the wait.

i wasn’t too sure in which direction to go with yours, so here is the main idea i had and some inpiration graphics.

let me know what you think of it so i can work towards a finished piece. :slightly_smiling_face:

this is what i came up with, both in jpeg and png forms <3

i hope you like it! i’m also open to changes.

this is what i came up with, again both jpeg and png formats <3

i hope you like it an again, i am open to making changes.


Hey! My story is called “Shadows of the Elite” I want it to give off a mysterious vibe, since there’s mystery/drama elements to the story. Maybe the text would have a shadow effect to play into the name? Also this mostly takes place in a school, a neutral setting so I don’t need any other elements but the name itself. i want something that symbolizes wealth/power in the logo. I think a black, red, or even yellow would go great with this. Thank you!

Hey! Thnx. I really like it but you mind using black or grey colours?

Hey. Your examples look really cute.

Would you possibly be able to make a one for my story Boundless Wishes

It’s a genie story.

Would it be possible to have it where smoke comes from the letter B and have it go under neath the title.

And would it be possible to have it in a bold magical looking font in purple and gold?

Only if possible maybe make it look like there’s chains around it too?

oo i really like the concept of that, i really like the ‘film’ graphic. is there any more info youd needd to help you? but so far i’m loving the general ideas! thank you so much.

Heyy, I really like your example! I’d like to request one for the story I’m writing called In Bloom. It’s a very soft lighthearted romance, like a shoujo and I’d prefer it to be a muted/pastel green. But other than that you can just do what you deem fit.
Thank you!! :heart:

no problem, here you go :slightly_smiling_face:

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ahh i love this one so much! i had a lot of fun making it, i hope you like it too


hmm are the colors and font fine or do you want me to explore a bit more? after seeing your profile picture i’m not that sure that green shade works so well :sweat_smile:

Thank you

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hmm true, i have full faith in your decision making. do whatever you think looks best, thank you again

hi everyone! i am currently working on your comissions, sorry for the long wait. i’ll try to post everything within the next few hours<3

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please remember that i am open to making changes If anyone wishes it.

I changed the colors and gave it an echo effect.

i kept this one pretty simple and light, i feel like the cherry blossoms are perfect for the title :3

i made it before seeing your message edit so … :')) it’s very simple. please tell me how i can fix it :pray:

I’d love one too :see_no_evil:
Name: Detective in Blood

Vibes: It’s a dystopian society with gangs, and I’d prefer something that’s red and black (or green and black)/snake themed if that makes sense :thinking:

AAHHH!! Thank you!!! It’s perfect!! :blush:

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this is perfect tysm! do you have an insta i can credit or shall i credit yourforum?