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Hey There!
I Make Free Magic Overlays & Edit Backgrounds!
Most of my overlays can be customized to any color/shade your looking for which is why there isn’t a drive. Don’t worry, I answer back very quickly! :heart: (within 24hrs)
I can edit backgrounds for lighting/filters, colors and cut out overlays. (I do not make backgrounds from scratch.)
Send me a Message! In the Thread, PM or IG
Must Credit - @Mirwren.writesepisode

Custom Overlays

Magic Overlay Catalog

Fire Example

Fireball Example

Twist Example

Spiral Example

Star Example

Sphere Example

Orb Example

Shield Example

Gust Example

Magic Styles Catalog








Edited Backgrounds

Bedroom -Lighting

Elevator -Color

Spilt Screen
Split Screen Overlay

(You do have to send me a message as it prevents stealing and makes it easier for me to send custom colors.)
Don’t worry I answer back quickly :heart:

:sparkles: This Will be updated if/when I create more! :sparkles:
I can also take requests for any new overlay ideas
& Custom Text Overlays

Not a fan of mine? Here's a link to Dizzyshadow's Magic Overlays!

Magic overlays for you to use for FREE! 🦋

If you’re a magic overlay creator as well and would like me to add your link just message me here.


WOW, these are on fire :fire:

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Thank you :face_holding_back_tears: it means a lot :heart:

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Thank you :heart::fire:

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Thank you so much for including my overlays on here 🫶🏻

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These are so nice!

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These are so cute!

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Bump! :sparkles:

These are great, I’d love to use some! But how do I get these? I tried finding a google drive but couldn’t. Do I just cut them out from the pictures you provided? Or am I meant to message you for you to send them? Thank you!!

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You do have to message me. It makes it easier to send them and create custom colors.
What are you looking for? (I answer back pretty quickly :heart:)

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Ooh thank you!! I just got into bed and I’m so glad I checked the forums :joy_cat:

I really love your orbs and spheres I can’t decide between them but I know I would really love to use the one in blue. Could you send those two if that’s okay? I’d love a closer look!

Thank you again :bouquet:

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I can send any amount of them you like, give me just a minute and I’ll send those right over :heart:
Any particular shade of blue?

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Thank you :pleading_face: you really are amazing— creating these wonderful overlays in custom colours. I’m going to use the sphere/orb as a healing type-spell if you were curious! Ty again :gift_heart::face_holding_back_tears:

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I didn’t see your last question of the particular shade, sorry! :rofl:

I do like that dark blue you have displayed in your examples, not the teal. :two_hearts:

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Thank you :heart:

Big Update bump! 2.0 Versions out now!


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