Free minimalist splashes!


i sometimes make splashes, but they’re very… minimalist. some people may like them & others will not so if you DON’T like the look of them, please don’t request bc i won’t be making very in-your-face splashes. they’re made with line art and small text, giving a calm feel.

examples <3

if you use these ones, give credit to karissa d’marco on episode !

(p.s., i scarcely put episode characters in splashes, so if you REALLY want one in there i’ll do it)


story genre/overall theme:
story description:
what kind of splash? (tap slowly, warning, credits, this story contains sounds):
light theme (white) or dark theme (black):
small poem?:
feeling (strong, powerful or soft, tame):
extra info (put in character personalities, extra text etc. here):

if you want a character, tell me the details :sparkling_heart: (please don’t ask me to do 10218312801 characters in one splash lmao)

if you don’t like your splash, thats fine! you don’t have to use it xx

i’ll get them done as quick as i can <3


it looks amazing


do you have instagram?


yes i do! but it’s not episode-related, since i don’t have any published stories just yet.


some of your splash are really pretty, can you do one for mee ?


yeah of course! just fill out the form i put in my topic message




so nobody rlly want anything ??? lmfao ok



I would love to request some splashes I will provide some info soon :slight_smile:


Have you heard of Rupi Kaur. Your art reminds me of her work!


yes i have!! the last example splash i provided actually has her poem on it

are you able to make a form right now?


Yes, I will PM what I need and that is so cool. I love Rupi Kaur!