Free outfit Making <3

Hey guys! I have a week off school and I’m kinda bored so I want to help some people style their characters. I feel like I’m pretty good and making outfits and I’ll put some references down below of outfits I’m made. I make male/female/plus outfits. All I need is your charachters style pallet and the colour theme and of course the kind of outift you want like the occasion basically. I’ll pm you the outfit privately to make them exclusiv (nobody takes them). If a lot of people reply it might take me a while to reply but I’ll try my best!!



Wow, these are nice! (: I’ll definitely pm you soon.

Love these! Will totally message you :heart:

Thank you! I can’t wait to start helping people.

Yay, I’m so happy! Can’t wait to help <3

Hiya, are you still taking requests?

yes i am! Dm me @epi_mar on insta